USB Mini Lava Lamp

A lava lamp for your computer! Groo-vay!

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We must admit that the USB Lava Lamp is a really neat product. Traditional Lava Lamps are tres (that's French for 'super') cool, so how do you make it even more super awesome? Nerd it up a bit and make it USB-powered.

Instead of connecting to a wall outlet, it plugs into any USB port on your computer. So, plug-in, man... and enjoy the psychedelic color-cycling.

Features & specs

Watch our USB Lava Lamp video

USB Mini Lava Lamp - Are we for real? ... Yes!

Why would anyone want a USB powered Mini Lava Lamp? At first, we were skeptics, too. I mean, how could anybody improve upon such a monumentally awesome device (we're referring to the original lava lamp, of course). Simple! By replacing the power plug with a USB cord. It makes everything that much cooler.

In all seriousness, however, the USB Mini Lava Lamp is seriously pretty neat, as long as you don't seriously expect it to sing and dance for you (yes, we are aware that we said 'seriously' three times in that sentence). Just plug it in and the USB Mini Lava Lamp cycles through three different colors: blue, red, and green.

USB Mini Lava Lamp in Blue cycle
Your USB mini lava lamp will cycle through the colors you see above.

USB ports don't provide enough power to melt wax (or whatever magical liquid is inside traditional lava lamps). It provides enough power to create a gentle current for the small flecks of glitter suspended in the liquid.

So, mellow out, chief, and add a little personality to your cubicle/computer gaming dungeon/MMORPG lair. You can "Stick it to the Man" in your own little way with the USB Mini Lava Lamp.

Why USB Powered?

USB Mini Lava Lamp is powered by USB.

Why not?! Have you seen some of the stuff that is USB powered these days? You can get a USB powered ash tray. To us, that makes about as much sense as a USB powered pencil. Or a USB powered comb. Or a USB powered waffle maker. Or a USB powered device that can play back music that you've downloaded from some sort of online music store...

The point is, it's a cute little item that provides a little ambience wherever you've got a computer. Speaking of ambience, we produce an awesome line of DVDs (shameless cross promotion) that provide ambience via your TV - but, they're not USB powered.


Check out the USB Mini Lava Lamp in a real life setting. Pretty killer, eh?

USB Mini Lava Lamp recommended usageUSB Mini Lava Lamp not recommended usage
The proper, FDA-approved usage of the USB mini lava lamp.
The highly not-recommended usage. I repeat, do not lick your USB Mini Lava Lamp at work. Or do. Keep it light.

If you have one of our USB Mini Lava Lamps and have a cool action shot of using it on an airplane, that would be pretty cool. Email it to us.

Questions about the USB Mini Lava Lamp

1.'s like a "real" lava lamp, but I plug it into my computer?

Answer: Yes. And unlike the old school lava lamps from the '60s, the USB mini lava lamp is made of space-age materials that resist licking. Well, maybe that's not true. But, yes, it's basically the same darned thing. And a little smaller, too.

2. Does the USB mini lava lamp get really hot like traditional lava lamps?

Answer: Nope. The power provided by a USB port isn't powerful enough to generate that much heat. So, feel free to lick your lava lamp without the fear of burning your tongue. It's easily as safe as licking our Insta-Snow. (That's two shameless cross promotions on one page!)

3. Does the USB mini lava lamp work on all computers?

Answer: For sure! The lava lamp does not interface with your computer. Furthermore, it cannot hybrid with any Wellington Bear products (if you don't get the South Park reference, don't worry, the reference isn't that funny, anyway). What we're trying to say is that all the USB Mini Lava Lamp is doing with your USB connection is stealing power. It doesn't need any drivers or anything annoying like that. Just plug it in and it works!

4. Is the USB Mini Lava Lamp cool?

Answer: Honestly, we'd give it about an 7.5 out of 10 on the "coolness" scale. Huh, aren't we trying to sell this thing? Cool your jets, man. Let us explain. A 10 out of 10 would be like a USB powered monorail to the Bahamas. A 9, a USB powered fire pole. An 8, a USB powered lawn mower. So, adjusted for "reality", the USB Mini Lava Lamp is actually a 9.9. See, you just needed to let us explain. Now, buy, buy, buy!

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