WASGIJ? 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles from reverse perspective.

WASGIJ? Reverse Perspective Jigsaw Puzzle

Challenging jigsaw puzzle from another perspective.

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WASGIJ, which is "jigsaw" spelled backwards, is an innovative puzzle concept in which the picture on the box is merely a clue for the puzzle you will be putting together.

The image on the box depicts a cartoonish scene of surprise and tumult. Your goal is to discover the source of the commotion by figuring out what the characters in the scene are seeing.

Because the designers aren't 100% evil, they provide you with a small fragment of the completed puzzle as your primary clue. It's just enough to get you started. This 1000-piece puzzle is available in a variety of scenes.

Features & specs

  • 1000 piece puzzle
  • Finished puzzle dimensions: 27" x 20"

Notes on this video

  • Please note that the box design has changed slightly since this video was made.

The picture on the box is NOT the puzzle image

WASGIJ flips the traditional jigsaw puzzle on its head. Instead of depicting the completed puzzle on the front of the box, the designers have merely provided you with a hint.

Here's how it works: Imagine you are one of the characters in the middle of the scene. In the beach incident below, you would be the lifeguard circled in green. The actual puzzle that you will put together is the image of what that lifeguard is seeing.

To help you out, each box reveals a small portion of the final image. This small circle, in addition to the image on the box, are your only clues to solving the mystery of what has everyone in the scene so disturbed. Good luck!

WASGIJ? Reverse the Perspective Jigsaw Puzzle explanation.
In the top image, imagine you are the lifeguard. The puzzle you are solving is what he is seeing.
Your sole clue is a small portion of the completed puzzle (the circle area directly above).

It's a 1000-piece surprise!

Each WASGIJ is a high-quality 1000-piece puzzle made by Ravensburger (founded in 1883). The completed puzzle will be approximately 27" x 20".

In the image below, the back of the box provided the hint seen in the area circled in red (horse biting the woman's hat). Using this clue along with careful observation of the box image will allow you to complete the puzzle — eventually.

Each WASGIJ? Jigsaw Puzzle is a 1000-piece puzzle.
Without the full box image, you'll find the WASGIJ to be a bit more challenging than your average 1000-piece puzzle.

Just in case the concept wasn't 100% clear...

Even if the WASGIJ concept hasn't caused you an iota of confusion, we decided to illustrate it one more time anyway. Heck, we had to get a tad more use out of our angry chicken costume!

Check out the image below. In the WASGIJ world, the picture on the left of the guy cooking some breakfast eggs would be the image on the box. Your clue would be the area circled in red on the right and the puzzle you'd be putting together would be the full image on the right.

Please note: The full image on the right would not be revealed on the box. All you'd see is the area circled in red.

A "real life" example of the WASGIJ reverse perspective concept.

Two scenes to choose from!

Currently, WASGIJ? is available in two scenes: "Run like the Wind" and "Catch of the Day".

WASGIJ? Puzzles are available in a variety of styles.
WASGIJ? Jigsaw Puzzles are available in two 1000-piece varieties.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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