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Yummy World Keychains

Collectible food-themed keychain figurines.

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Ordering a mystery item from a food truck can be a risky proposition, but when it’s Yummy World Keychains, you’re guaranteed adorable.

These vinyl collectibles are shaped like happy helpings of your favorite food and made to decorate your keys or backpack. Each food truck blind box contains one of 15 food figurines, but you won’t know which one you got until you open the box to meet your new friend.

Whether you’re in the market for a single adornment or you’re looking to start a calorie collection, you’ll love the anticipation and surprise of a delivery from Yummy World.

Features & specs

  • Keychain charms styled like anthropomorphic food
  • Each box contains one figurine (style chosen randomly)
  • 15 available styles (with chance of receiving): soft serve sally (1/8), connie cotton candy (1/12), bunford burger (1/12), soda pop saul (1/24), the fries (1/8), molly mallow (1/12), molly mallow chocolate (1/48), moe mustard (1/24), karl ketchup (1/24), ruby rose red velvet (1/12), drumstick dan (1/24), peter popcorn (1/12), margarette macaroon (1/12), miso sam (1/48), siamese sausage (1/24)
  • Includes removable split ring with hook
  • Packaged in food truck gift box
  • Material: vinyl
  • Ages: 3+

Appetite for collection

A cake and ketchup combo sounds like something from a YouTube food challenge or a restaurant that’s trying way too hard to be different. But these foods are united in cuteness on your keychain as adorable Yummy World figurines.

When you order from the Yummy World menu, you’re never quite sure what’s going to end up on your plate. Each box contains one of the 15 food-themed figurines, but all you know for sure is that you’re in for a surprise.

Keychains of good taste
Cute pairs well with adorable.

Adorable ornaments

In addition to the fun of the initial surprise, your new Yummy World friend makes an adorable adornment to personalize your belongings. Keep ketchup on your keys, put popcorn on your purse, or string sausages on your suitcase.

Whichever piece of delicious decor you end up with, you’ll be able to use the included split ring to easily attach it. And with expressions as sweet as their namesakes, they’ll add a helping of cheer to your stuff.

Fun food figurines
They make one happy meal.

Caloric keepsakes

There are 15 styles of Yummy World Keychains of varying levels of scarcity. While they’re all functionally the same, knowing that you might receive a rare figurine adds excitement to your delivery.

Once you’ve built up a collection, start trading with friends until you’ve got the whole Yummy World in your hands.

Collect all 15
Collect all 15
Gotta eat ‘em all! (but seriously don’t do that)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I order a specific style?

Answer: Yummy World Keychains can not be ordered in specific styles. In fact, we don’t even know what’s in each box. Part of the fun of this gift is the element of mystery and surprise. And if you like boxes of mystery…

Question: How many come in a box?

Answer: Each box contains one Yummy World Keychain.

Question: What’s the material like?

Answer: They’re made of vinyl so they have a hard plastic feel to them.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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