Color Flame Party Candles: Twelve birthday candles with brightly colored flames.
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Color Flame Party Candles (12-pack)

Twelve party candles with brilliantly colored flames.

Color Flame Party Candles
Color Flame Party Candles image
Color Flame Party Candles image
  • Color Flame Party Candles
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These colored flame candles are a fun way to celebrate any special occasion. Each set of 12 Color Flame Party Candles features six different colors; there are two candles per color. There are also twelve white plastic holders that not only collect wax, but also make it incredibly easy to decorate the cake.

Each candle's color represents the color of the flame it produces. Decorate your next cake with purple, green, blue, orange, and red flames. Please note that the white candle produces an orange flame.

Features & specs

  • Burn time: 8 minutes
  • Dimensions: 2" tall
  • 12 candles per package
  • Includes 12 plastic candle holders

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Add a little color to your next cake

Each set of Color Flame Party Candles includes 12 candles whose flame matches its color. There are two each of purple, blue, orange, green, red, and white (whose flame color is orange) in each package.

These awesome candles are so eye-catching that the birthday boy may not even notice if you accidentally spell his name wrong on the cake.

Color Flame Candles feature an array of colored flames.
Except for the white candle, each candle's flame matches the color of its body.

Plastic holders prevent wax from dripping onto your cake

Each Color Flame Candle can be inserted into a plastic holder which will collect dripped wax and prevent it from ending up in your cake. These plastic holders also make it easy to insert and remove the candles from the cake.

Color Flame Party Candles Plastic Holders prevent wax from ending up on your cake.
Color Flame Candles include plastic holders to prevent wax from dripping onto your cake.

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*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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