Fireplace Scented Jar Candle

Fireplace Scented Jar Candle

Create the ultimate fireplace ambience.

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The Fireplace Scented Candle, exclusive to, is undeniably that of a real wood-burning fireplace.

Triple-scented, top to bottom, to ensure maximum quality, it is now available in three sizes: 6.5 oz classic jar, 15 oz apothecary jar, and a set of six wax melts.

This candle is a perfect companion to our video fireplace DVD, Ambient Fire.

Features & specs

  • Triple-scented, top to bottom
  • Formulated especially for
  • Smells nearly identical to a wood-burning fire
  • Available in three sizes: 6.5 oz, 15 oz, and wax melts
  • Hand-poured, premium soy wax blend
  • Lead-free cotton wicks
  • Dimensions (6.5 oz jar): 3.5" x 2.75" diameter
  • Dimensions (15 oz jar): 5.5" x 3.75" diameter
  • Dimensions (wax melts): 4.25" x 2.75" x 1"
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Warm, woodsy fireplace scent

We recently reformulated our scent and boy, oh boy, these candles smell nearly identical to a real, wood-burning fire.

Note: If you smell the candle when it is not burning, it does not smell like a wood-burning fire. So, when the candle arrives, don't sniff it and say, "Wait a second! This doesn't smell like a fireplace candle." Burn it first and you'll be amazed.

Fireplace Scented Jar Candle smells like a real wood-burning fireplace
Our Fireplace Jar Candle (6.5 oz size pictured above) is an excellent addition to any room. The long burn times
mean you can enjoy many cozy nights at home enveloped in the delightful fragrance of a wood-burning fire.

Now available in three sizes!

Due to popular demand, our amazingly realistic-smelling Fireplace Jar Candle is now available in three sizes!

In addition to our 6.5 ounce jar (30-40 hour burn time), we're proud to introduce a 15-ounce apothecary jar (80-100 hour burn time). The large jar candle features a domed top (looks great!) and can be used as an airtight storage container after all the wax is burned.

We've also got wax melts! Each set includes six cubes that measure about one inch in each direction.

Fireplace Scented Candles are available in three sizes.
The Fireplace Scented Jar Candle is available in three sizes: 6.5 oz, 15 oz, and 2.5 oz of wax melts.

A bit more about the Apothecary Jar

Our Fireplace Scented Jar Candle has been one of our most popular candles. Its goes so well with our Ambient Fire DVD (the ultimate video fireplace DVD) because it smells so authentic.

When we decided to create the candle in a larger size, we opted for the elegant style of an apothecary jar. Not only is it more decorative, but it becomes a great general-purpose storage jar once all the wax has melted. We hope you enjoy!

Fireplace Scented Candle in a 16 ounce apothecary jar.
The Fireplace Scented Jar Candle in a 15-ounce apothecary jar.

The Log Jam MP3 download

We hope you enjoyed Emerson and Everett's "jam". You can download the MP3 here. Enjoy!

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Wax Melts

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