Levitating Magnetic Top: Magnetic spinning desk toy
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Levitating Magnetic Top

Magnetic spinning desk toy.

Levitating Magnetic Top
Magnetic Levitating Top Demo Video
  • Levitating Magnetic Top
  • Video: Magnetic Levitating Top Demo Video
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Put a new spin on your executive office curios. The Levitating Magnetic Top combines a scientific demonstration of magnetism with a mesmerizing tactile display.

This sideways top is the ultimate gravity-defying magnetic field spindle. Magnets inside the two-tone axle hold it in suspension above the base while an upright glass plate gives it some stability.

With minimal friction and just the right balance, you can make the top spin for over a minute!

Features & specs

  • Includes base, magnetic top, and glass plate
  • Magnetic top appears to levitate and spin sideways
  • Weight: 6.5 oz (185g)
  • Approximate dimensions: 5” x 2.75” x 3.25” (12.7 cm x 7 cm x 8.3 cm)
  • No batteries, runs on magnetism
  • Ages 12+

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See it. Believe it.

The Levitating Magnetic Top turns everything you know about tops on its side. Instead of wobbling around on a desktop, the Magnetic Top remains in place as it spins sideways on the glass wall.

The levitation effect is achieved through perfectly balanced repelling magnets in the two-tone top and in the base. It’s simple enough to explain, but seeing it in action is a pretty fascinating diversion, so be prepared for coworkers to drop in and take it for a spin!

It’s a revolutionary way to spin a top!

Question: How does it work? Does it spin on its own?

Answer: The Levitating Magnetic Top uses no electricity or motors. Permanent magnets in the top and the base are balanced so that the top remains suspended in mid-air. The top will remain floating but stationary indefinitely. You have to give it a twist to make it spin.

Question: For how long will it spin?

Answer: The time of the top’s spin is dependent on how much force you use when you twirl it. Eventually, friction will cause the top to come to a rest, but even the most gentle of spins will last over a minute.

Question: Can you put something in the gap between the top and the base?

Answer: You can put something non-magnetic between the top and the base without interrupting the effect, but it would have to be pretty thin so that it won’t rub against the top.

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