Royal Placemats: Placemats styled after playing cards.
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Royal Placemats

Set of four placemats styled after playing cards.

Royal Placemats
Royal Placemats image
Royal Placemats image
  • Royal Placemats
This item has been discontinued.


Deal out dinner over Royal Placemats, double-sided eating mats that look like giant playing cards.

Each placemat in the set features a different face card: Jack of Clubs, Queen of Hearts, King of Diamonds, or Ace of Spades. The opposite side of each placemat shares the same food-themed pattern that would look right at home on the back of a deck of cards.

Go all in, put your cards on the table, and chow down with Royal Placemats.

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Features & specs

  • Set of four placemats
  • Styled like Jack of Clubs, Queen of Hearts, King of Diamonds, and Ace of Spades
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: 17.75” x 12” (45 cm x 30.5 cm)

Dine Like Royalty

Give yourself the royal treatment and sup atop the King of Diamonds or the Queen of Hearts.

If your little one is a little mischievous, set their snack over the Jack of Clubs. And expert gourmands can opt for the Ace of Spades. When you can spill food on a member of the royal court and there are no consequences, you know you’re living well.

Dinner served on four Royal Placemats
It’s good to be the king.

Choosing a unique placement design is in the cards

Royal Placemats would be a treat to eat on top of if they just had face cards printed on them. But they have another trick up their sleeves. All of the Royal Placemats have full-color printing on both sides.

Each unique place mat’s reverse side is decorated with a pattern inspired by the back of normal playing cards with a food-themed motif. Deal me in!

Double the fun — use both sides!
Double down on the fun.

Question: How durable are they? Can you actually use them?

Answer: Royal placemats are made to look good and hold up under normal use. We’re sure you could probably figure out how to destroy them if you try hard enough, but setting a hot plate or spilling food on them won't cause any damage.

Question: Which cards will come in my set? If I get enough sets, can I play a game of cards?

Answer: Royal Placemats always come in sets of the same four face cards: Jack of Clubs, Queen of Hearts, King of Diamonds, and Ace of Spades. If you want a functional deck of oversized cards, check out King Size Playing Cards.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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