The Human Slingshot: Giant Stretchable Band
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The Human Slingshot

Fling your friends around with this giant stretchable band.

The Human Slingshot
The Human Slingshot image
The Human Slingshot image
The Human Slingshot image
The Human Slingshot image
The Human Slingshot image
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With the Human Slingshot, you and three friends can fling each other around the inside of a giant stretchable band like a bouncing pinball.

Gameplay is simple, but amazingly fun. In a synchronized pattern, players run toward each other and into the walls of the giant band creating the momentum necessary to catapult the other players across the confines of the slingshot.

The Human Slingshot is made from a proprietary blend of polyester and spandex that is lightweight, durable, comfortable, UV resistant, and provides the perfect amount of elasticity.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 20' x 5'
  • Material: blend of polyester and spandex
  • Durable felled seams
  • Includes high-quality carrying case / backpack
  • Ages 10+
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

We swear on all that is awesome that this is über awesome!

The Human Slingshot is a simple device that has been flawlessly executed. It's basically a human-sized rubber band that allows a group of four daredevils to fling each other inside the stretchable band.

However, the key to the Human Slingshot's success is the material. It must be durable, but lightweight; stretchable, but not too elastic; breathable, but resistant to UV rays, fading, bacteria, and chlorine.

The guys who developed The Human Slingshot tried dozens of mixtures of polyester and spandex until they got it just right. And boy did they! The Human Slingshot is perfect fun!

Four men playing The Human Slingshot.
The Human Slingshot is one of the most awesome outdoor games we've played.

Anyone can learn to slingshot in minutes!

The general concept behind The Human Slingshot is to use one team's momentum to slingshot the other team.

To begin, you form a square. One pair then runs toward each other (always passing to the right) until they reach the other side of the square. As they hit the fabric, they rotate their bodies 180 degrees and lean their backs into the fabric wall. Their force slingshots the other team across the square!

Repeat this crisscrossing action until someone decides to "exit" the square.

Diagram explaining how The Human Slingshot works.
The Human Slingshot is simple to play, but tons of fun! Just remember: stay to the right!

Stay to the right, y'all!

At first glance, you may think that there is no possible way that you won't run into someone else at a very high speed. But that's just your inner amateur slingshotter talking! Let's be pros, OK?

Follow this one simple rule for endless fun: STAY TO THE RIGHT!

Whenever you run past your partner, stay to their right and you'll never collide.

POV of player inside the Human Slingshot.
Always pass to the right!

Perfect material blend = slingshot success

The Human Slingshot is awesome because of the high-quality material. The right combination of polyester (drawn textured yarn) and Spandex is what produces the perfect slingshot substance.

The material is durable, stretchy, breathable, and resistant to fading, bacteria (think sweaty masses hitting it) as well as chlorine (who doesn't like to swim?).

Additionally, the seam used to close The Human Slingshot is a super-strong felled seam. This is the same type of seam you'd find on the side of a pair of Wranglers jeans. It's built to last.

The Human Slingshot is made from a highly durable and breathable combination of polyester and spandex.
A proprietary blend of polyester and spandex gives The Human Slingshot
its durability, stretchability, breathability, comfort, and UV resistance.

Easy to store and transport

The included carrying case / backpack is a mere 17" x 14", yet it easily holds the 20-foot-long and 5-foot-tall Human Slingshot. It's even got a small zippered pouch inside it to store your phones and wallets while playing.

The Human Slingshot comes with a high-quality drawstring carrying case.
The Human Slingshot comes with a durable and high-quality carrying case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why isn't this free?

Answer: A fabric that can perform to the standards required for The Human Slingshot is expensive! Plus, there's a lot of it! The Human Slingshot is 20 feet long and 5 feet wide.

Question: Why shouldn't I just tie together a bunch of my spandex shorts instead of buying this thing?

Answer: You have 100 square feet of spandex shorts lying around? Dang. Good luck stitching that together.

Question: What if I need to wash it? Can I use it in the washing machine?

Answer: The manufacturer recommends hand or machine washing in lukewarm water. They recommend drip drying, but you can machine dry it on a low temperature. Avoid using chlorine bleach.

Question: Isn't this dangerous?

Answer: Just like a car, it's only dangerous if you hit someone else. And just like driving a car, as long as you stay on your side of the "street" inside The Human Slingshot, you'll be fine!

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