16 oz. Dual Auto/USB Heated Travel Coffee Mug
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16 oz. Dual Auto/USB Heated Mug

Keep your drink hot in your car and office.

Dual Auto/USB Heated Mug
Dual Auto/USB Heated Mug image
Dual Auto/USB Heated Mug image
Dual Auto/USB Heated Mug image
Dual Auto/USB Heated Mug image
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The Dual Auto/USB Heated Mug is more than your standard travel mug. You can plug it into your car's power adapter or your computer's USB port to keep your delicious drink warmer longer! Honestly, we can't pinpoint a single aspect of the Dual Auto/USB Travel Mug that we would improve. It's just that good.

The double-walled stainless steel construction, spill proof lid, and rubber anti-skid bottom make this a great travel mug. Being able to keep it warm in your car and office is the super sweet icing on the cake.

Features & specs

  • 16 oz. capacity
  • Spill-proof lid with open/close thumb slide
  • Anti-skid rubber bottom
  • Plugs into car's 12V power adapter (aka cigarette lighter)
  • Also plugs into any USB port

Keeps your coffee warm without overheating

Simply plug the included cord into your car's 12V power adapter to keep your coffee warm. Of course, it'll work with any beverage. The heated travel mug includes a thermostatic device to keep your drink from overheating.

In our tests, the car adapter keeps your beverage at approximately 155° Fahrenheit. We had started with 175° coffee and it held it at 155° for 2 hours -- that's when we stopped testing (read: woke up).

Dual Auto / USB Travel Coffee Mug keeps your drink warmer in your car.
Simply plug the Dual Auto/USB Heated Mug into your car's cigarette lighter to keep any drink warm.

Save time by using the same cord for both the car and the office

The car adapter plug can be permanently left in your car. Simply unplug the USB cable from the power adapter, take the cord into the office, and plug it into your computer.

Use the same adapter to keep coffee warm in your car and at your office
The Dual Auto/USB Heated Travel Mug comes with a USB cord and a car power.
The simple setup makes it easy to take your coffee mug from the car to the office and back.

Keep your fanciest coffees warmer, longer

We're not going to judge you for buying $50 coffee. If we did, you'd have the right to judge us for paying $200 for Dave Matthews tickets. What?! I like their music. Sue me.

The point is that if you're going to pay good money for a hot beverage, you might as well keep it as hot as you can for as long as you can. That's what the Dual Auto / USB Heated Mug does. It slows down the natural cooling of your beverage. Since this heated travel mug can be used in both your car and your office, you can enjoy that beverage for a pretty long time.

This Heated Coffee Mug can plug into any USB port.
Simply plug the Dual Auto / USB Heated Mug into your computer's USB port to keep your coffee warm.

Use the thumb slide to quickly prevent a spill

The press-on spill-proof lid has a convenient thumb slide for one-handed "on/off" operation of your travel mug. Pretty smart.

Thumb slide for your Heated Travel Mug
The Dual Auto / USB Heated Travel Mug features a spill-proof lid.

We ran tests! See the results below:

We dusted off our middle school science books and looked up how to conduct a proper scientific experiment. OK, we're lying. We looked it up on Wikipedia.

Anyway, we heated up a pot of coffee to 175 degrees. We poured the coffee into 3 different Dual Auto/USB Heated Travel Mugs. The first mug was plugged into a car, the second mug was plugged into a computer, and the third mug was left at room temperature (not plugged in at all).

 Mug in CarMug at ComputerMug at Room Temp
Start175° F175° F175° F
After 30 mins.158° F147° F145° F
After 60 mins.158° F140° F130° F
After 90 mins.155° F132° F120° F

So, as you can see, the Dual Auto / USB Heated Mug definitely slows down the cooling of the coffee mug. In fact, it hardly cools down in the car. Since a USB port outputs less power than a cigarette lighter, it doesn't do quite as well. The coffee mug at room temperature obviously does the worst. However, it still works as well as a general-purpose travel mug. After 90 minutes, it only dropped 56 degrees. But, you would have downed that café latté by then, right?

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dual Auto / USB Heated Mug

Question: How long is the heated mug's cord?

Answer: It's a stretchable cord. Without stretching, it's about 2.5 feet long. It can comfortably stretch to about 5 feet. This is no problem for the car. You an always add a USB extension cable if this isn't long enough for the office.

Question: Is the heated coffee mug's top 100% spill proof? Can I fill it up with 400° water and hold it upside down over my co-worker's head without killing them?

Answer: We don't suggest trying that. What we've found is that the lid is spill-proof, but not 100% watertight. What that means is that if you knock it over, nothing is going to come out. If you hold your heated coffee mug upside down and shake it, a tiny bit may dribble out from around the slit beneath the thumb slide. But, since the lid has a half inch rim, any errant droplets aren't going to get onto your clothes, keyboard, or TPS reports.

Question: Will the Dual Auto/USB Heated Mug heat up my cold pizza?

Answer: We don't suggest putting pizza into your heated travel mug. The point of the mug is to keep drinks warm by slowing down the speed at which they naturally cool down. What we're saying is that it's not going to take a 35° soda and heat it up to 150°. However, if you put a hot beverage into your heated travel mug, it's going to slow down the natural cooling effect significantly.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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