Ambient Flowers: Summer DVD - Ultimate Video Garden & Reference Guide

Ambient Flowers: Summer DVD

Over 300 Summer Flowers (shot in HD!)

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Turn your TV into a dream garden of summer flowers with Ambient Flowers: Summer. This two-hour production features over 300 gorgeous summer flowers shot in stunning high definition.

This DVD is not a collection of still photographs. Rather, Ambient Flowers: Summer is teeming with beautiful, high quality video footage. The DVD also boasts an impressive reference section with instant access to botanical information on every flower. Identification and growing characteristics are available with the click of a remote.

TRT: 121 minutes.

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Features & specs

  • 325 beautiful summer flowers
  • Loop mode for continuous playback
  • "View by color" option
  • Dolby 5.1 surround sound
  • 150+ printable PDF documents
  • 310 bonus desktop wallpapers
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Turn your TV into a breathtaking summer flower garden!

Ambient Flowers: Summer includes over two hours of spectacular and vivid flower footage. Pop this DVD into your TV or computer and immerse yourself in an oasis of stunning summer flowers.

You can even learn about the flowers themselves by accessing our built-in reference guides.

In addition to being a video flower "wallpaper" for your TV, Ambient Flowers is a world-class reference guide.

Ambient Flowers: Summer features:

Ambient Flowers can be set to loop indefinitely.
Ambient Flowers include bonus desktop wallpapers and educational documents.
Ambient Flowers is designed to always fill your entire TV screen.
Ambient Flowers includes three music choices as well as a 5.1 surround sound nature soundtrack.
Ambient Flowers was shot in HD
The Ambient Flowers: Summer DVD can be set to loop infinitely. You can even create custom playlists based upon flower color.
Bonus material includes wallpapers for your computer and printable educational documents about each flower.
Ambient Flowers: Summer is formatted to always fill the entire screen on any type of television.
Choose between three different music choices as well as a 5.1 surround sound nature soundtrack.
The Ambient Flowers: Summer DVD was shot in HD (1080i), but it is still a standard DVD. It will play in any DVD player.

Vivid picture detail with loads of reference material

Ambient Flowers: Summer was shot in HDWe shot all of Ambient Flowers: Summer in stunning 1080i HD. The resulting DVD is still compatible with all DVD players, but the original HD footage ensures that we have faithfully captured every tiny detail.

Additionally, the Ambient Flowers: Summer DVD is literally bursting at the seams with content! We had to get a really tiny shoehorn in order to force every last byte of data onto this one. There are over 300 flowers on this DVD!

Over two hours of breathtaking video

Ambient Flowers: Summer turns your TV into your dream video garden. There are over 325 different cultivars of flowers all shot in spectacular high definition.

Match your décor...or your mood!

A unique feature of Ambient Flowers: Summer is the "View by Color" option, which allows you to watch scenes grouped by bloom color.

So, if you're having a "blue" day, you can watch a scene filled with all blue flowers. Other available color schemes are yellow and orange, red, pink, and white.

Over 325 summer flowers

We brought together an extremely diverse collection of flowers, shot them in true 1080i HD, and put them onto a DVD. But we didn't stop there.

At any point while watching Ambient Flowers: Summer, you can hit the "enter" button on your DVD remote and a screen like the one below will appear. It includes the flower's common name, Latin name, and growing characteristics. Hit the "back" button to return right back to your place in the video.

Flower reference menu
Accessible via your remote control, there are over 325 reference menus on Ambient Flowers: Summer.

Instant info

If you don't want to be bothered with hitting "enter" on your DVD remote every time you want to know the name of a flower, you can simply hit the "angle" button on your DVD remote to flip on our pop-up info screen. The pop-up screen will remain on until you hit the "angle" button again to remove it.

Simply click the "angle" button your DVD remote to turn this pop-up information on and off.

Printable reference documents

Ambient Flowers: Summer contains 150 printable reference documents corresponding to the flowers contained in the DVD.

Simply pop Ambient Flowers: Summer into your computer's DVD-ROM drive and access hundreds of pages of detailed reference information.

Printable PDFs contain detailed information about the history, cultivation, and uses of the species. They also include additional reference links.

Sounds as beautiful as it looks

We created a relaxing 5.1 surround sound nature audio track to accompany each of the 7 scenes on Ambient Flowers: Summer. Your living room will look and sound like a lush, peaceful garden.

In addition to the SFX track, we've included 240 minutes of music to choose from:

  1. Acoustic guitar (80 minutes)
  2. Classical Masters (80 minutes)
  3. Antonio Vivaldi (80 minutes)

You can watch any scene with any of three musical accompaniments or choose to listen to just SFX.

Turn your annuals into perennials

Every DVD in the Ambient Series has the ability to loop any scene. This means there won't be any breaks in the action if you simply want your favorite scene to play over and over.

However, if you start to get dizzy from watching the same scene repeatedly, you can use our exclusive Playlist feature.

Custom playlists!

You can choose to play the entire DVD, play all flowers by color, or create your own custom playlist.

Organize the seven scenes any way you wish.

All playlists automatically loop.

Pick a scene.

Pick your audio.

Repeat for up to 6 scenes.

Works on ANY television and always fills the entire screen.

Although we shot Ambient Flowers: Summer in high definition, it will still play on any TV. We specifically designed Ambient Flowers: Summer so that it will always fill the entire screen (no black bars).

We've included a video that explains how to setup your DVD player for full screen viewing.

Martini Guy says:

"No matter what kind of TV you have, Ambient Flowers: Summer will always smell the same."

Over 300 bonus wallpapers

The Ambient Flowers: Summer DVD also includes 310 high resolution desktop wallpapers for you to enjoy on your computer screen. All of them are screenshots taken from actual video footage.


Bursting into bloom with over 325 summer flowers!

Below are a collection of screenshots from Ambient Flowers: Summer
(Click pictures for larger screenshots)

Be sure to check out our other Ambient Flowers collections -- Spring and Orchids -- for even more beautiful blooms!

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