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AntWorks Space Age Ant Habitat

Illuminated space-age habitat for ants.

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The AntWorks Illuminated Ant Habitat gives you a front-row seat to the fascinating world of ants. The AntWorks habitat consists of a nutrient- and supplement-rich blue gel that provides everything ants need to survive.

The AntWorks gel arrives as a solid. After you add ants to the gel, the true fun begins. Watch them dig an endless maze of tunnels. Using the included magnifying glass and extreme zoom lens, you can observe their behavior in uncanny detail.

The AntWorks Illuminated Ant Habitat features an LED light-up base that beautifully highlights the tunnels. It also turns your ant colony into as a fascinating night light!

Features & specs

  • Ages 6+
  • 6.5" across x 6" tall x 1.25" deep
  • Ants not included (order form included in box)
  • Includes LED light-up base
  • Extreme zoom lens
  • Magnifying glass
  • Tunnel starting tool

Watch our AntWorks Space Age Ant Habitat video

AntWorks lets you watch ants build an intricate habitat

The blue gel that makes up the bulk of the AntWorks container provides not only the nutrients that ants need to survive, but also a home for the colony. Ants will dig intricate tunnels throughout the gel. They'll also use the gel to build walls and hills along the surface of the gel. They'll even bury dead compadres in this way.

We've included a little photo album of our very own ant habitat adventure.

AntWorks Ant Farm starts as a blank gel
AntWorks prepping the gel ant farm
Day 1: Our AntWorks is a solid blue gel.Day 1: We prepare the AntWorks Ant Habitat for its new homeowners by poking a few holes in the top of the gel. This helps the ants begin their digging.
Adding harvester ants to the gel ant farm
AntWorks gel ant farms after three day timelapse
Day 1: We added 15-20 harvester ants to the AntWorks.
Note: Ants are not included with AntWorks.
Day 4: After three days, the harvester ants have created one tunnel. It takes about 24-48 hours before they become acclimated to the AntWorks gel.
AntWorks Ant Farms 6 days timelapse
AntWorks Gel Ant Farm 12 days
Day 7: After one week, our ants have created a pretty
cool set of tunnels on the left side of the AntWorks.
Day 14: After two weeks in their new home, the harvester ants have created an intricate tunnel system.

Ants are NOT included with the AntWorks Ant Habitat

The AntWorks Illuminated Ant Habitat is a BYOA type of party. Ants have a relatively short lifespan (1-3 months). So, if ants were included in the box, most or all of them would be dead on arrival. This means that it is your responsibility to find some ants to put into the AntWorks.

Fascinations AntWorks ants in the ant farms
If you cannot find any ants outside, you can always order a few tubes of ants
using the included order form.

You can either go outside and catch some ants (which is a lot of fun, by the way) or you can order them using the order form which comes inside the AntWorks box. We cannot sell you ants directly because, well, we are not ant farmers.

View your ant colony up close with the magnifying glass and zoom lens

AntWorks Illuminated Ant Habitats come with a magnifying glass and zoom lens. The detail is staggering. Frankly, the zoom lens provides so much magnification of the ants that you may get a little creeped out.

AntWorks Ant Farm magnifying glass and zoom lens
The magnifying glass and zoom lens allow close-up inspection of your AntWorks ant habitat.

LED base creates a cool night light

The AntWorks Illuminated Gel Ant Farm comes with a 120V adapter that plugs into the base. There is a series of blue LEDs that create a beautiful blue glow that could serve as an incredibly cool night light.

AntWorks Illuminated LED ant farm is a gel ant farm.
Every AntWorks illuminated ant habitat from Vat19 includes the light-up LED base.

AntWorks can be re-used with multiple colonies

Yes, one day your ants will expire and float up to ant heaven. Remember, most ants only live 1-3 months. Ants, being an intelligent bunch, will move any ants that have expired in tunnels to the top of the habitat and bury them underneath the gel.

When all of your ants have perished, you can simply rinse out your AntWorks habitat with water. You could then add more ants (who will add more tunnels, but not as fast-paced as the first inhabitants).

Another option is to leave the AntWorks empty and place it on a shelf as a testament to the collective intelligence and industrious determination of ants.

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