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Aqua Illusions

Paint on water to make colorful artwork.

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Create paintings in a way you never thought possible using Aqua Illusions. The kit’s magic powder turns ordinary water into an easel for you to explore.

Simply spatter and swirl the six different colors of paint onto the surface of the water to match your imagination. You can leave it as an abstract color collage or use the included wand to form more flowery shapes.

Set your paper in the water and the image will transfer in seconds, creating a permanent copy of the image floating in your tray. Admire your watery work of art and see what other unique color combinations you can bring to the surface.

Features & specs

  • Kit allows you to transfer paint on water onto paper
  • 12 packs of magic powder
  • 6 colors of paint
  • 15” x 12” (38.1 cm x 30.48 cm) plastic tray with lid
  • Includes: tray, paint brush, mixing wand, tweezers, 16 sheets of paper, 36” x 36” (91.44 cm x 91.44 cm) transparent mat, and color mixing palette

Watch our Aqua Illusions video


To create your own aquatic art, start by mixing two cups of water with two packets of Aqua Illusions powder. Allow 30 minutes for the mixture to set, and select the paints you want for your background color. Instead of carefully applying the paint to your canvas, channel your inner Pollock and dip your brush in the paint, spattering it onto the water. Use the included wand to mix and swirl the colors to form a multicolored collage.

Accentuate your coloring by using the mixing wand to create designs like flowers. These shapes will float on top of your existing colors to make a uniquely abstract piece of art. When your masterpiece is complete, transfer your art to paper by dipping a piece of the included paper into the water for five seconds. You’ll be left with a piece of art you can proudly display.

Aqua Illusions lets you paint on water!

Experimentation encouraged

One of the advantages of creating pictures on a dynamic surface like water is that you can quickly and easily make more creations! Instead of throwing out your previous canvas, you can reuse the existing background colors and add new designs to create a new project.

Start by mixing the included solution.Add paint to the included tray.Use the small included tool to creatively swirl the colors together.Four easy steps
It’s so easy, you can do it again and again.

A floating masterpiece

The unique creation process of Aqua Illusions makes it accessible to artists from a wide range of age and ability levels. Those without precision drawing skills can still make attractive pieces of art by spattering and swirling colors in the water.

If you like a little more shape to your work, you’ll have fun expertly using the mixing wand to create designs. No matter how you use the kit, you’ll end up with a priceless piece to hang on your refrigerator gallery.

Make floating art
Instant art (just add water).

Creative contents

The Aqua Illusions kit includes a plastic water tray with an indicator line for easy filling. Create your picture using the six colors of paint, which you can pour into the included paint palette while you work. The kit also comes with 16 pieces of paper, a brush, tweezers, transparent mat, and a mixing tool.

Six colors of paint
This isn’t some kind of trick—it’s an illusion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use my own paper?

Answer: Once you’ve used the pieces of paper included in the Aqua Illusions kit, you’re welcome to use some of your own. Any slightly thick paper should work.

Question: Is this like water marbling?

Answer: It sure is! Aqua Illusions gives you everything you need to easily make water marbling art at home.

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Note: The product details shown on Vat19 (including price) may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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