Bev Buckle: Metal 'Merica belt buckle that can hold your beer.

Bev Buckle

Metal 'Merica belt buckle that can hold your beer.

'Merica style
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Two things are for sure: Old Glory is one good lookin' flag, this here belt buckle is the lager ledge that you've been waitin' for, and 'Merica is hands-down the greatest country in the world! Celebrate your patriotic pride and your 'preciation for a perfect pilsner with the Bev Buckle.

The greatest thing about this buckle is the beauty of the stars and stripes waving on the front, which lets you tell other folks which country is the best without tellin' 'em a darn thing. The other greatest thing about it is that you can flip the front of the buckle down to make a shelf for your drink. And the other other greatest thing is that a spring-loaded hoop pops up to keep your beverage secure. USA! USA! USA!

Features & specs

  • USA-themed belt clasp that can act as a can or bottle shelf
  • Holds standard size 12-ounce bottles and cans
  • Spring-loaded upper hoop
  • Compatible with belts up to 1 1/2" (3.8 cm)
  • Material: zinc alloy (lead-free)
  • Made in the USA (where else?)

A buckle for beverages

Bev Buckle gives you the freedom to wear the stars and stripes around your waist and the freedom to set your beer on its fold-out shelf, hands-free. Now that's something to salute! This ordinary but attractive buckle flips down to create a little ledge for your brewski when you need your left hand for jabbing an out-of-line jabroni and your right hand for shaking a hero's hand all at once.

Whoa! We’ll drink to that.

Container choices

The Bev Buckle's versatile flat shelf design and stabilizing hoop means that you can balance any type of container on the buckle as long as it fits inside the ring. Be it a can, a bottle, or anything else that fits, the Bev Buckle is happy to butler your beer!

Two images of a Bev Buckle holding a can and a Bev Buckle holding a bottle
Holds cans or bottles


Bev Buckle's standardized design means it's compatible with just about any belt, such as an ordinary holed or snap-on style.

The belt buckle in use on two different belts
Works with just about any belt!


Not only does the Bev Buckle showcase an American flag, but this bad boy was also made in the good ol' U.S. of A. With heavy-duty metal construction and a magnetically closing clasp, the Bev Buckle will keep your pants—and your brews—right where they belong for years to come.

Several perspectives of the belt
American-made with durable, magnetic construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can the beer slip off the shelf?

Answer: Not easily! The ring helps keep it in place.

Question: Won't we lose out on all of those fantastic "hold my beer" moments?

Answer: Hopefully, we'll see even more of those moments since the kind of folks ready to impress us with their stupid stunts can hold their own beer and have two free hands at once.

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