Blendy Pens: Color-blending art marker kit.

Blendy Pens

Color-blending art marker kit.

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Change up your coloring game and use Blendy Pens to introduce a whole spectrum of hues to your artwork.

Each felt tipped pen behaves like a conventional marker for standard coloring jobs. But these pens were also made to transfer pigment, opening your palette to a new kind of coloring.

Connect a pair of Blendy Pens to the fusion chamber, give them a twist, and let the colors mingle. The moment you touch a blended pen to the page, you'll see a synthesis of pigments. Scribble to fill in a section and see an amazing gradient of color appear before your eyes. The marker gradually returns to its original color, ready for you to blend it again!

Features & specs

  • Set of color-changing felt-tip markers
  • Twist the markers in the fusion chamber to temporarily merge the colors
  • As you color, the marker gradually blends back to its original color for amazing shading effects
  • 20-pack includes: 20 markers, 10 fusion chambers, 10 coloring pages, 2 stencils, 1 breath-powered airbrush
  • 6-pack includes: 6 colors, 3 fusion chambers, 3 coloring pages
  • Up to 190 color combinations
  • Recommended age: 4+

Pens that blend

From children expressing their creativity to adults finding their zen with meditative coloring books, artists of all ages have sought to get the most out of their coloring markers.

Blendy Pens bend your expectations of what a coloring marker can be by creating gradations that wouldn't otherwise be possible. They empower colorists to extend their creativity and make amazing, beautifully vivid art. It's also super fun!

See the rainbow.
Get super soothed as Joey colors in this picture with Blendy Pens.

Touch the tips to transform

To create a color blend with a Blendy Pen, insert two markers into the fusion chamber (which doubles as the cap) with a satisfying click. Then twist the pens' barrels to get the felt tips to touch. The markers will exchange dyes, and each will temporarily be imbued with the other's color. Remove a pen and begin coloring to see navy transform to teal, green, and chartreuse before returning to the marker's original yellow color. The transition is so smooth, it looks like magic.

Connect fusion chamber, Twist to blend, Color!Connect fusion chamber, Twist to blend, Color!Connect fusion chamber, Twist to blend, Color!
Click and twist to temporarily change a marker's color.

Blend or fill

Creating a beautiful gradient of color makes Blendy Pens amazing. And so does their innate ability to return to their original hue and fill in areas with vibrant color. So go ahead and create amazing color transitions. Then fill in the details with swatches of solid color from a set of pens that feel great and color just as well.

Color your way.

Dozens of dazzling duos

Blendy Pens are available in sets of either 20 markers or 6 markers. In either case, you can twist and blend them together in a myriad of combinations to create a whole crowd of new colors. It’s a fun way to expand your palette without expanding the size of your marker box.

Dozens of color combos!
Find new spokes in the color wheel.

Mind-blowing multi-blends

Blendy Pens amazingly allow you to temporarily mix two colors to create a third color. But the fun doesn't stop there. You can blend that blended pen with another pen to create yet another color. And then do it again. Blending colors up to four times, you can transition from color to color to color as you mark on the page.

Will it blend?

Blended techniques

Everyone knows markers—even ones as special as Blendy Pens—are for marking. But they're also capable of creating swathes of color without ever touching the page.

The 20-Pack of Blendy Pens includes a breath-powered airbrush that enables you to blow the color from your pen onto your paper with a different texture than marking. Simply snap a marker into the holder, breathe in, and exhale through the tube on the airbrush to push droplets of pigment onto the page.

Create airbrush effects (20 pack only)
Use the airbrush to blow pigment onto your art.

Complete coloring kit

Blendy Pens are available in two styles: a 20-Pack and a 6-Pack.

The 6-Pack of Blendy Pens includes 6 pens, 3 fusion chambers, and 3 coloring posters. The 20-Pack includes 20 pens, 10 fusion chambers, 10 coloring posters, 2 stencils, and an airbrush tool.

Choose a 20-Pack or a 6-PackChoose a 20-Pack or a 6-Pack
Not listed but included: dozens and dozens of color combinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the change permanent?

Answer: The blend will remain on the pen tip until it is marked on paper. Then the markers will revert to their original colors.

Question: Does blending stain the marker tips?

Answer: It's possible that some ink might remain on a tip if it hasn't touched the paper, but the marker tip will still be able to color with the same vivid tone as the original once all of the blending has been used up.

Sorry! It's out of stock.

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Note: The product details shown on Vat19 (including price) may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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