Boba Tea Tumbler: Reusable cup that always looks filled with bubble tea.

Boba Tea Tumbler

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A reusable cup that always looks happily filled with bubble tea.

Boba Tea Tumbler
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Sip your boba in style with the Boba Tea Tumbler. This reusable cup eliminates the need for disposable plastic while it keeps your drink at hand in cheerful style.

The double-walled vessel appears to be filled with boba thanks to the milky-brown coloration on the walls and painted-on tapioca pearls. Of course you can fill it with any beverage you like, but you can't go wrong with adding bubble tea to your Boba Tea Tumbler.

Additional adorable touches include shiny star glitter between the walls, a charming smile to greet you, and a screw-on domed lid made of a mound of jeweled faces. An oversized reusable straw complements the cup by allowing you to slurp up your precious boba pearls. Sipping your beverage through the Boba Tea Tumbler just seems sweeter thanks to this drinking vessel's sweet disposition.

Features & specs

  • A reusable cup with an adorable boba tea theme
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: 7 3/4" height x 4" diameter (18.7 cm x 10.2 cm)
  • Capacity: 16 fl oz. (473 mL)
  • Includes reusable 1/2" diameter wide-mouth straw (1.3 cm)

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