Bubble Thing: Make Giant Bubbles
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Bubble Thing Giant Bubble Maker

Create bubbles up to 35 feet long!

Bubble Thing
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Longest Bubble Contest!
Make A 50ft-Long Bubble? Lets See About That!
GIANT BUBBLES on City Streets
Spring has got us feeling bubbly at Vat19.com.
  • Bubble Thing
  • Watch video for: Bubble Thing
  • Video: LONG BUBBLE!
  • Video: Longest Bubble Contest!
  • Video: Make A 50ft-Long Bubble? Lets See About That!
  • Video: GIANT BUBBLES on City Streets
  • Video: Spring has got us feeling bubbly at Vat19.com.
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Bubble Thing - Kit (bubble maker + mix)
Kit (bubble maker + mix)
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Create spectacularly large bubbles with Bubble Thing. This amazing "thing" allows you to easily make bubbles up to 35 feet in length!

Start by dipping the Bubble Thing's fabric loop into your specially formulated mix. Then lift it up, pull back on the slider to open the loop, and swing the thing through the air. For more fun, spin in place and completely surround yourself with an enormous bubble.

Each Bubble Thing Kit includes a wand (with 90-inch fabric loop) and a bottle of Big Bubble Mix (makes 2.7 gallons). Refills of Big Bubble Mix (makes 5.4 gallons) are also available separately.

Features & specs

  • Makes bubbles up to 35 feet long!
  • Just add hot water and dish soap
  • Ages 4+
  • The original giant bubble maker!

Make gigantic bubbles!

Bubble Thing is a simple contraption that makes some of the largest bubbles you've ever seen! Marvel at the wonder of bubble "snakes" 25 to 35 feet long.

Creating monstrous bubbles requires just a few ingredients: hot water, dish soap, Bubble Thing Mix, and the Bubble Thing Wand. Within minutes, you'll be making amazingly gigantic bubbles.

Adults and kids creating huge bubbles with Bubble Thing.
Create monstrous bubbles with Bubble Thing!

Hours of fun!

Kids aged four years and older can learn to create huge bubbles with Bubble Thing. Simply dip the fabric loop into the bubble solution, pull back on the slider to open the loop, and walk slowly. Instant bubble magic!

The Bubble Thing's 90-inch loop and simple design means kids of all ages can make huge bubbles.
Bubble Thing's 90 inch fabric loop delivers awe-inspiring bubbles.

Fun for Adults, too!

We took Bubble Thing around the streets of our hometown to see how both kids and adults would react. Mega fun for all!

Giant Bubbles on City Streets

Don't forget the refills!

The Bubble Thing Kit includes the wand and a small batch of bubble mix (makes 2.7 gallons of solution). Each refill bottle is double the size and makes 5.4 gallons of solution.

Purchase the Bubble Thing Kit and Refills at Vat19.com.
We suggest purchasing the kit plus a refill bottle for days of big bubble makin' fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it easy to make monster bubbles like those in the pictures above?

Answer: Yes, it is! In fact, if there is a bit of wind, it'll happen on its own. Simply open the fabric loop and let the wind do the work. Otherwise, simply swing Bubble Thing through the air to create big bubbles.

Question: What ages do you recommend?

Answer: Bubble Thing is great for all ages — even babies love huge bubbles! However, creating bubbles with Bubble Thing should be restricted to 4+.

Question: How long will the bubble mix last?

Answer: A long time, indeed. The Bubble Thing Kit comes with a small bottle of Big Bubble Mix that makes 2.7 gallons of solution! That's a lot of dips! We also sell a refill bottle of Big Bubble Mix that makes 5.4 gallons.

Question: What kind of dish soap should I use?

Answer: Creating the perfect solution requires hot water, Big Bubble Mix, and dish soap. There are only three brands that work: Dawn, Joy, and Fairy.

Question: What are the best weather conditions for giant bubbles?

Answer: Evaporation is your enemy when it comes to making giant bubbles. The higher the temperature, the faster the evaporation. The lower the humidity, the faster the evaporation.

So, aim for humid days with lower temperatures and overcast or cloudy skies. That being said, we've easily made 25-footers in 85 degree temps in full sunshine with low humidity. Trust us, you're going to love Bubble Thing!

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