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Bunchems! Mega Pack

Squish, create, and connect with this versatile building set.

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Bunchems are little balls of fun that stick to other Bunchems to create all kinds of stuff. With hundreds of Bunchems and 36 snap-on accessories, kids can build with endless possibilities.

Since they don’t use glue to stick together, Bunchems give kids the freedom to build, tear them apart, and rebuild again.

Each Bunchem is a plastic ball with integrated flexible hooks that allow them to stick to one another like Velcro. They’re soft and enjoyable to squish together, and they’ll hold their shape until they’re pulled apart.

Use Bunchems to make a whole bunch of little creations or one big project. Either way, your little one will have a blast!

Features & specs

  • Bunchems stick together and pull apart to build and rebuild without residue
  • Includes 370 Bunchems and 36 accessories
  • No glue required!
  • Recommended ages: 4+

Build a bunch of stuff

Bunchems are built for custom creations. Each ball is covered in tiny flexible hooks like velcro, so when you mush them together, they’ll stick together. To create all kinds of shapes, creatures and characters, just add more to the bunch.

Versatile building set!
You’re gonna have a bunch of fun.

Build, tear down, repeat

Bunchems have just the right amount of stickiness to keep things together for as long as you want them to stay together.

When you’re ready to make something new, don’t worry about tearing your Bunchems apart—they’ll be fine! Just pull them apart and then put them together in a new way to make a new thing.

Press to stick together, pull to tear apart
Durable, reusable Bunchems stick together without being sticky.

How about you make...

...just about anything you can imagine!

Bunchems have a fuzzy-looking set of hooks that explode from each ball, giving them the unique ability to create ordered chaos. So of course they’re brilliant for making all kinds of crazy creatures (especially when you add the included accessories in the mix). But you can also design engineering feats, famous icons, or just about anything else you can imagine.

Endless possibilities!
Do you wanna build a snowman? Or a rocket car?


The Bunchems! Mega Pack doesn’t skimp on Bunchems or accessories. The box includes 370 Bunchems balls in eight different colors as well as 36 accessories including arms, legs, feet, mustaches, horns, wings and more! That’s enough stuff to get you making just about anything you can think of*.

Includes 370 Bunchems and 36 accessories
*Imagination not included.

Question: What age group are these for?

Answer: The manufacturer recommends their use for ages 4+ since they might pose a choking hazard for smaller children.

Question: Should I put them in my hair?

Answer: No, don’t put them in your hair or your Not-a-Cat Cat's hair!

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