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Cardboard Safari Animal Trophies

DIY wall trophies made from laser-cut recycled cardboard.

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Add some personality to any bare room with Cardboard Safari Animals. Each DIY wall trophy is made from a series of laser-cut recycled cardboard pieces.

Due to their precision fit, the interlocking pieces can be assembled quickly and without any tools or glue.

Cardboard Safari Animals are available in five styles: Bucky (large deer), Buck Jr. (small deer), Moose, Rhino, and Unicorn.

A small hole on the back of each trophy is provided for mounting. Made in the USA.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (Bucky): 24" x 33" x 18"
  • Dimensions (Buck Jr.): 12" x 16" x 9"
  • Dimensions (Moose): 13" x 12" x 11"
  • Dimensions (Rhino): 7" x 10" x 10"
  • Dimensions (Unicorn): 10" x 16" x 5"
  • Made from laser-cut cardboard for a precision fit
  • Assembles without any glue or tools
  • Made in the USA

Watch our Cardboard Safari Animals video

"I don't know how to put this, but..."

Cardboard construction reaches its zenith with our Cardboard Safari Animals. These do-it-yourself projects arrive as a series of flat cardboard sheets which you assemble into an amazing wall trophy.

Cardboard Safari Large Deer on a wall.
Cardboard Safari Animals are some of the coolest things you can make out of cardboard.

Made entirely from recycled cardboard

Cardboard Safari Animals are 100% cardboard — no glue or fasteners are required for assembly. You can easily put one together in approximately 15 minutes. Simply slide the interlocking pieces together!

Cardboard Safari Animals are made from recycled cardboard.
Cardboard Safari Animals are made solely of recycled cardboard.

Laser-cut pieces = easy assembly

As usual, frickin' lasers make everything awesomer.

In the case of Cardboard Safari Animals, lasers are used to cut pieces that interlock perfectly with each other. Simply follow the included (and illustrated) instructions and you'll have your awesome cardboard trophy put together in a matter of minutes.

Cardboard Safari Animals are made from laser-cut cardboard to ensure a precision fit.
Cardboard Safari Animals' laser-cut pieces ensure a hassle-free assembly.

100% craft-able

Cardboard Safari Animals look great in their natural "hides", but also make for great craft projects.

Because they're made entirely of cardboard, you can use paint, marker, glitter, or nearly any other craft supply for decoration.

Feel free to decorate your Cardboard Safari Animal.
Show off your inner Martha Stewart by decorating your Cardboard Safari Animal.

Simple to mount

A small hole on the back of each Cardboard Safari Animal provides a convenient mounting point.

A small hole on the back of each Cardboard Safari Animal makes mounting a snap.
A small nail or screw is all you'll need to display your new cardboard wall trophy.

Choose from five styles

Cardboard Safari Animals are currently available in five styles. We have two sizes of deer (Bucky and Buck Jr.) in addition to a moose, a rhino, and a unicorn. Check out the table below for each animal's vital stats:

BuckyDeerLarge (24" x 33" x 18" assembled)Natural (brown)
Buck Jr.DeerMedium (12" x 16" x 9" assembled)Natural (brown)
Fred Jr.MooseMedium (13" x 12" x 11" assembled)Natural (brown)
Robbie Jr.RhinoMedium (7" x 10" x 10" assembled)White
Merle Jr.UnicornMedium (10" x 16" x 5" assembled)White

Cardboard Safari Animals are available a wide variety of awesome animal designs.
Choose from five styles of Cardboard Safari Animals.
Or get all five and instantly upgrade your basement to "man cave" status.

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