Vintage Chrome Lighter Cufflinks
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Vintage Chrome Lighter Cufflinks

Beautiful chrome cufflinks are also working lighters.

Chrome Lighter Cufflinks
Chrome Lighter Cufflinks image
Chrome Lighter Cufflinks image
Chrome Lighter Cufflinks image
Chrome Lighter Cufflinks image
Chrome Lighter Cufflinks image
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This item has been discontinued.


Cufflinks, for the majority of their history, have always been an accessory designed to accentuate your flair. With Chrome Lighter Cufflinks, you can now show off a little flair with a little flare!

Chrome Lighter Cufflinks are a fully functional pair of lighters that hold French cuffs in place while keeping a flame at the ready. Engineered as a single hinged piece, the chrome plated lighters slip on and off whenever a light is needed.

Styled after vintage gumball machine lighters, Chrome Lighter Cufflinks are the perfect accessory for the fancy gentleman.

Features replaceable flints and wicks. Please refill with any standard lighter fuel. Must be 18+ to order.

Features & specs

  • Material: chrome
  • Refillable (sold without any fluid for safety reasons)
  • Replica of gumball machine lighters from the 40s
  • Replaceable flint and wicks
  • Ages 18+

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Show some flair with a little flare!

Lighter Cufflinks resting on a table looking straight boss.
Chrome Lighter Cufflinks couldn't look any cooler if they had a flame coming out of them... oh wait, they do! 

Yes, it's a real lighter

Styled after vintage lighters found in gumball machines of yesteryear, Chrome Lighter Cufflinks are 100% functional. 

So, if you're at a black tie affair and suddenly find yourself being chased by bandits, you can quickly light a rag torch to escape through the underground catacombs.

Man lighting a cigar with this Cufflink Lighters.
Chrome Lighter Cufflinks are one part fashion, one part flame, and nineteen parts awesome. 

Chrome + fire + tuxedo = fashion win

There's a whole lot of awesome packed into these cufflinks. They boast a beautiful chrome finish as well as a high quality flint and grinding wheel.

And despite the small size, it's easy to light and simple to maintain. In fact, no tools are necessary to refill the lighter fluid or replace the flint. And all you'll need to replace the wick is a pair of tweezers. Simple!

Multiple views of the Chrome Cufflink Lighters.
All that chrome, baby! Looking g-o-o-d.

Refillable for years of service

Every fire needs fuel and Chrome Lighter Cufflinks are no exception. Refill with standard lighter fuel in the bottom of the cufflink (accessible via a thumbscrew).

Chrome Cufflink Lighter being refilled with lighter fluid.
Use any standard lighter fuel to keep your Chrome Lighter Cufflinks firing.

Gift ready packaging

Chrome Lighter Cufflinks come packaged in a standard leatherette jewelry box. So, your recipient will be none the wiser that you've gifted them an insanely awesome pair of cufflinks — until they open it! Awesome gift + fun surprise = a job well done. 

Chrome Cufflink Lighters come in an attractive gift box.
Each pair of Chrome Lighter Cufflinks is packaged in an attractive jewelry box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can you light it while attached to your shirt?

Answer: No. That would be highly dangerous. You should always remove the Lighter Cufflinks from your shirt before using.

Question: How long will it last?

Answer: Indefinitely, if properly maintained. The wick and flint can be replaced and lighter fuel can always be added. So, you should enjoy many, many years of basking in the glow of your exemplary fashion taste.

Question: Will they work in conjunction with the Traxedo?

Answer: No. The Traxedo does not have french cuffs. Cufflinks are definitely designed for more formal attire and the Traxedo is all about taking it down a notch while still remaining eleganté.

Question: Will they help me with the ladies?

Answer: Do women like fashionable accessories? Methinks so. Do women like unexpected and whimiscal demonstrations of man's ability to control fire? Methinks yes!

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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