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The Original Craft Beer Pretzel Mix

Just add beer to create a new twist on soft-baked pretzels.

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Pretzels and beer are a match made in heaven. So consummate the marriage and knead a frosty brew directly into your pretzel dough before you bake!

To prepare your own savory pretzels, pour a pilsner (or any other beer of your choosing) into the dry mix and stir. Then cut your pretzel bites, boil to seal, and bake... but don't forget to save some beer to pair with your new snack.

Makes approximately 24-30 pretzel bites.

Features & specs

  • Dry ingredient pretzel mix
  • Add a beer, mix, and bake
  • Makes 24-30 pretzel bites
  • Net wt.: 16 oz (454g)
  • Made in the USA
  • Requires baking soda (not included)

Prost with pretzels

Salty snacks and beer are a natural pairing. With the Craft Beer Pretzel Mix, you can pair them together in an entirely new (and entirely delicious) way. Stir the pretzel mix and your favorite brew together, dunk them in baking soda water, and bake them for just a few minutes to create a scrumptious snack!

Delicious beer pretzels!
Pretzels and beer are a perfect pair.

Bake with beer

Making craft beer pretzels is super simple. Choose six ounces of your favorite beer (or any carbonated drink) and knead it into the dry mix for about five minutes.

After portioning the dough into little nuggets, give the pretzels a quick soak in a baking soda bath before baking them in your oven for seven minutes. Then remove warm, soft savory bites and enjoy with your favorite beer!

Mix, dunk, bake, NOM!
Mix, dunk, bake, NOM!
Mix, dunk, bake, NOM!
Mix, dunk, bake, NOM!
Gives drunk food a new meaning.

From ale to zwickelbier

While they're easy to make (and always so satisfying to eat), Craft Beer Pretzel Mix gives you control of the precise flavor of your pretzel since you get to decide what kind of beer goes in. You can't go wrong, so buy several boxes and experiment with your favorite craft brews or go full-on DIY and use your own home brew.

Use any beer to make 24-30 pretzels!
Craft your pretzels with craft beer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I make them with a soft drink such as cola?

Answer: Any carbonated beverage would work, but since cola has a distinct flavor, it might have a strange taste.

Question: Can I get drunk?

Answer: Since much of the alcohol cooks off, it's not likely.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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