Water-Powered Digital Alarm Clock: Runs solely on tap water
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Water-Powered Digital Alarm Clock

The desktop alarm clock that runs solely on tap water.

This item has been discontinued.


The Water-Powered Digital Alarm Clock runs solely on tap water. Simply fill it up and it turns on! The large LCD screen displays the current time, day of week, and ambient temperature.

With only four buttons, it's easy to set the alarm, time, and date.

The Water-Powered Clock has a spill-proof cap that provides easy access for when you need to replace the water (a quick job every two weeks or when the display becomes dim).

Use the buttons on the bottom of the Water Powered Clock to additionally show the current date, seconds, and toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature displays.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 6" x 4.25" x 2.25"
  • Powered entirely by tap water; no batteries!
  • Displays time, date, and temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
  • Water needs to be changed approximately every two weeks
  • Retains settings for up to two minutes when changing water

An alarm clock that runs on water!

The Water-Powered Alarm Clock is a standard desk clock with one cool distinction: it runs solely on water. No batteries are required.

Add water to its reservoir and the clock is immediately ready to be set. The large LCD screen displays the current time, day of week, and ambient temperature.

The environmental benefits of the Water Powered Clock are fairly obvious (less battery waste). But, what really sold us is how well the water reservoir has been integrated into the design of the clock. It just looks really cool.

The Digital Water-Powered Alarm Clock runs solely on tap water.
This desktop alarm clock is powered entirely by tap water.

Step #1: Add water. Step #2: There is no step two.

OK, we'll admit that there are probably two steps. The first step is to purchase the Water-Powered Clock. So, go ahead and click the "Add to Cart" button now. When the clock arrives at your house, come back to this page to get your clock up and running. We'll wait.

Ready? Great! Remove the spill-proof cap on the Water Powered Clock's reservoir and fill with tap water. That's it! You're done.

Please note that you will have to manually set the time, date, and alarm the first time you fill the clock with water. You won't have to do this every time you refill.

Simply fill with tap water to activate the Digital Water Powered Clock.
To power up the clock, simply add water.

Several viewing modes

The Water-Powered Alarm Clock features a large LCD screen with three "areas". The top area displays either the time or the date. The second area shows the number of seconds or the day of the week. The final area displays the ambient temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Use the "time", "°C/°F", and "UP" buttons on the underside of the Water Powered Clock to toggle the display.

The display of the Digital Water-Powered Alarm Clock can show the current time, date, and ambient temperature.
Use the buttons on the bottom of the Water-Powered Alarm Clock to toggle the LCD display and set the alarm.

Instead of changing batteries, simply change the water

The inherent power stored within the ions of water doesn't last forever. Eventually, the display on your Water-Powered Clock will begin to fade. This signals that it's time to replace the water. Simply remove the spill-proof cap, empty the reservoir, and refill.

The Water-Powered Alarm Clock will retain your settings for up to two minutes without any water present. This is more than enough time to refill.

The Digital Water-Powered Clock saves your settings for up to two minutes when you refill.
Refilling the Water-Powered Alarm Clock is quick and easy.

Spill-proof cap prevents ... spills!

The back compartment of the Water-Powered Digital Alarm Clock contains the "brains" that harness water as electrical fuel. It's kept well-sealed by the spill-proof cap.

This means that you don't have to worry about spills if you accidentally knock over the clock. You can also lift up the entire unit to access the buttons on the bottom without fear of drenching your desk. While very secure, the cap is not difficult to remove. Just pull.

The spill-proof cap on the Digital Water-Powered Clock ensures your desk or nightstand stays dry.
The spill-proof cap ensures that the water inside your clock remains where it belongs: inside it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Wait, I have to replace the water?

Answer: Yes. However, changing the water only takes about 15 seconds. You will have to do this every two weeks or so. If you're keeping the Water Powered Clock on your desk at work, it gives you an excuse to take a quick break. It's also cheaper than batteries. Oh, and did we mention that the clock runs on water? Yeah, that's awesome!

Question: How do I know when to change the water?

Answer: The digital display will begin to fade when it's time to replace the water.

Question: Will I have to reset the time every time I change the water?

Answer: No. The Water-Powered Digital Alarm Clock retains its settings for up to two minutes when there is no water present. This is plenty of time, as it will only take about 15 seconds to replace the water.

Question: Ugh, this still seems annoying.

Answer: Then buy a clock that uses batteries! However, if you want the awesomeness of a clock that runs on water, this is the hefty, enormous, and gargantuan price you'll have to pay. (That was sarcasm, in case you didn't notice.)

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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