Banshees Throwing Cards: Playing cards designed for easy throwing!
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Banshees Throwing Cards

''Screaming'' playing cards designed for easy throwing!

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The art of throwing playing cards is performed both as part of stage magic and as a competitive skill.

Banshees Throwing Cards let you impressively cast cards like never before. Unlike traditional paper card sets that wear out after a short time, Banshees are extra-durable since they're engineered (science!) with a blend of high-grade plastics to allow for the ultimate piercing power.

Additionally, the design on the face of the card allows you to determine the depth penetration when thrown into a target. If that isn't awesome enough, they're also designed with uniquely shaped die-cut sets of holes, allowing them to let out a signature "scream" as they tear through the air.

Features & specs

  • A pack of cards specifically designed for distance, speed, and precision throwing
  • "Scream" when thrown!
  • 54 identical cards per deck
  • Material: synthetic plastic blend
  • Approx. dimensions: 3.6" x 2.6" x 0.8" (9.14 cm x 6.60 cm x 2.03 cm)
  • Net Wt.: 0.3 lbs (136.07 g)
  • Slightly smaller and heavier than a standard playing card deck.
  • Can withstand 5X the damage of a paper card
  • Disclaimer: Cards are NOT indestructible, avoid throwing at hard objects as cards may chip or break
  • Caution: Could cause bodily harm if aimed at an individual
  • Made in the USA
Sonic sender!
Sonic sender!
More than a regular deck of cards.
More than a regular deck of cards.

Screaming fun

Banshees Throwing Cards are expertly engineered for the express purpose of a unique throwing experience.

From the durable synthetic plastic blend to the special die-cut holes that give them their signature sound, this dandy deck of cards will have you sending screechers straight for the bullseye.

You’ll never have to make your own action sound effects again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are they sharp?

Answer: They are slightly more durable than regular playing cards, so they're not particularly sharp, but they could possibly cut things. You should not attempt to harm any person or animal with these cards.

Question: Can you play a game with them?

Answer: Banshees do not have normal card numbers or suits, so a game of "Go fish!" would instantly end in a tie. In other words, they're made for throwing only.

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