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USB Optical Duck Mouse

USB optical 3-button mouse with scroll wheel...and floating duck!

This item has been discontinued.

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Question: Does your current mouse feature a free-floating duck inside it? If you answered "no", then you are not mousing to your full potential. Liven up your office or home computer with this unique and refreshingly sturdy three-button optical mouse with scroll wheel.

Featuring solid construction, an ergonomic shape, and 800 dpi resolution, the Optical Duck Mouse is well-suited for everyday use. Compatible with all PC and Mac computers.

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Features & specs

  • Compatible with all PC and Mac computers with USB ports
  • Three-buttons with scroll wheel
  • 800 dpi resolution
  • 56" USB cord
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty

Watch our USB Optical Duck Mouse video

High-quality optical mouse

Based solely on the fact that this mouse features a free-floating duck inside of it, it's easy to toss it into the "novelty" category. However, this ain't no novelty mouse. In fact, there's no reason the USB Optical Duck Mouse shouldn't become your everyday, go-to mouse.

The USB Optical Duck Mouse is weighty and comfortable. In fact, the "pond" adds a nice balance to the rear of the mouse. Notably, the size and shape are well-suited to both left and right-handers. The clicking is crisp and responsive. The scroll wheel has "catches" (there's probably an industry term for this, but it's not like it would mean anything to a normal person). Basically, the scroll wheel isn't free-spinning like you find in most "economy" mice. Lastly, the scroll wheel can be pressed, but not accidentally like with cheap mice where the scroll button engages with the slightest scrolling pressure.

Now that we're done with the admittedly semi-ridiculous analysis of the mouse's "craftsmanship", let's remember that it has a floating duck in the bottom! This is a fun and unique mouse that's sure to liven up your desk.

USB Optical Duck Mouse on desk
The USB Optical Duck Mouse is engineered for everyday mousing.

Anatomy of a high-quality optical duck mouse

The USB Optical Duck Mouse, as you would imagine, behaves like any other computer mouse...except for the fact that this mouse has an adorable floating duck inside of it. No, the duck does not require any special care or feeding. It lives off the pure joy of having been purchased by someone as amazing as yourself.

USB Optical Duck Mouse feature cut-out
This ultra-cool mouse sports all of the features you'll need for all of your mousing activities.

Yes, the USB Optical Duck Mouse will work with your computer

Any computer with a USB port is compatible with the USB Optical Duck Mouse. Simply plug it in and it works. There is no software or driver to install. All you need to do is order one; hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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