Fastrack: Fast-paced desktop game requires speed and accuracy.

Fastrack Desktop Game

Fast-paced game of disc-flinging requires speed and accuracy.

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Fastrack is a frenetic desktop disc flinging game. Your goal is to shoot your five wooden discs into your opponent's half of the court. The catch? The opening is only a quarter-inch wider than your ammo.

Therefore, you must aim carefully as you pull back on the elastic band used to fire your discs. But don't dilly dally or you'll surely be bombarded and overwhelmed by your opponent. Ride the fine line between speed and accuracy to win the day.

All-wooden construction. Designed for two players ages 5+.

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Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 13.75" x 8.75" x 1"
  • All-wooden game
  • Includes track, 10 wooden discs, drawstring storage bag
  • 2+ players
  • Ages 5+

Simple and addictive game

Fastrack doesn't require an inservice day to learn. The goal is to be the first to empty your court by flinging all of your wooden discs into your opponent's half of the court.

It sounds easy except for two "problems": 1) the hole through which you shoot your discs is only 1/4" wider than the disc and 2) your opponent will simultaneously try to overwhelm your side of the court with their discs.

Fastrack Wooden Desktop Game
The goal of Fastrack is to shoot all of the discs into your opponent's side of the track.

Elastic cord = your weapon

Pull back one of your discs against your elastic cord, aim, and fire through the archway. Be the first to clear your side of the court and you win. Easier said than done.

Use the elastic cord to send your wooden discs zooming to the other side.
Use the elastic cord to propel your wooden discs.

Tiny opening requires precision; creates a frenzy

The opening through which you shoot your discs is 1.25" wide. The disc itself is only 1.0" wide. So, you've got to "aim small, miss small" if you want your discs to zoom through the opening.

You'll find that staying patient and focused as you line up your shot becomes increasingly difficult as your opponent sends discs flying into your half of the court. It can become quite annoying when their successful shots slam into your discs mid-shot and cause them to veer off course.

To dominate, you need to walk a fine line between quickness and accuracy.

The small opening requires precision and being cool under fire. Good luck.
The archway through which you must fire your discs is only 1/4" wider than the disc itself.

Traffic jams are common

The small opening can oftentimes "trap" a disc. No problem! Knock it through and into your opponent's court with one of your discs.

When discs are lodged in the archway, you must knock them lose using your discs.
Discs will invariably come to rest in the opening itself. Use another disc to knock it through!

Buy this game. It's fun. And it may prevent leprosy.

Every once in awhile, it's a good idea to take off the headset and step away from the gaming console.

Face-to-face, real-life competition is essential if you don't want to become a hermit. And we all know that most hermits eventually become lepers (we read this somewhere on the internet). Seriously, parts of your body may fall off if you don't buy this game.*

* 100% true.

Please note that the Fastrack box includes the all-wooden track, ten wooden discs, and a small nylon drawstring bag to store the discs.

Fastrack comes with a wooden track, ten wooden discs, and a small drawstring bag for storing the discs.
Fastrack includes the wooden game board, a nylon drawstring bag, and 10 wooden discs.

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