FishingDarts: The Magnetic Dart Game

FishingDarts Magnetic Dart Game

Be the first to catch all seven fish in this magnetic dart game.

This item has been discontinued.

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FishingDarts is probably the closest you're going to get to Survivorman-style spear fishing...and catch anything!

To play FishingDarts, hang the roll-up magnetic board on any wall or door and be the first to catch all seven fish with your darts. However, before you land a fish, you must first prepare your hook by landing a dart on the bait bucket. Then try to outrace your opponents by landing on the bonus sweet spots while simultaneously avoiding the voracious sharks!

Contents include the roll-up board, six magnetic darts (3 blue, 3 yellow), instructions, and heavy-duty storage tube.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (board): 14.5" x 17"
  • Includes 6 magnetic darts (3 yellow / 3 blue)
  • Board rolls up for easy storage
  • Packaged in an attractive heavy-duty poster tube

The most fun you can have while fishing on land

FishingDarts is the kind of hybrid that's fairly self-explanatory (unlike the part-human part-lion part-shark part-dragon hybrid known as the manticore).

Put simply, FishingDarts is a magnetic dart game with a healthy dollop of fishing mixed in.

Enjoy a fun twist on the classic game of darts.
FishingDarts is a fishing-themed magnetic dart game.

Set up and play in seconds

Because the FishingDarts board is fairly lightweight, it can be hung up easily and quickly. A thumbtack is more than sufficient to hold the board.

FishingDarts can be installed nearly anywhere with the included hanging cord.
Use the attached hanging cord to place FishingDarts in a convenient location.

Be the first to catch all of the fish

The FishingDarts board has seven numbered fish on it. Your goal is to be the first to catch all seven in numerical order.

Here's a brief overview of how to play: On each turn, you toss your three darts. Before you can catch a fish, you have to bait your hook by hitting the bait bucket. Once you've hit the bait bucket, you can attempt to catch your next numbered fish.

To win FishingDarts, be the first to catch all fish in the numbered order.
Your goal is to be the first to catch all of the fish in their numbered order.

Strong magnets = every toss sticks to the board

The tip of each dart features an impressively strong magnet. This is really important for any magnetic dart game because it's so frustrating to toss your dart only to have it bounce off the board.

That's not going to happen with FishingDarts (or its equally-awesome counterpart GolfDarts). In fact, even if the tip of the dart grazes the board, it's going to stick.

The included darts are strong enough to always stick to the board.
The included darts are strong enough so that even a glancing strike will stick to the board.

Avoid the sharks at all costs!

If your toss goes astray and lands on a shark, you'll be taking a few steps backward toward your goal of catching all of the fish.

In FishingDarts, sharks are voracious eaters. Land on one, and it'll eat your last two tosses which usually means losing your last fish and your bait. Pesky sharks!

Sharks are treacherous. Avoid them at all costs when playing FishingDarts.
Hit a shark and it'll go on an eating rampage.
It eats your last two hits, erasing your bait and/or recently-caught fish.

Strike sweet spots for bonuses

The red spot on each of the seven fish is known as the sweet spot. Nail it, and you can go after the next fish without having to rebait your hook. Sweet indeed.

Aim for the sweet spots to earn free tosses.
Hitting sweet spots allows you to go after the next fish without having to bait your hook again.

Stows away quickly and compactly

FishingDarts comes packaged in a heavy-duty tube. When you're not playing, you can roll up the board and store it along with the 6 included darts inside the tube.

FishingDarts stows away compactly via the included heavy-duty poster tube packaging.
The FishingDarts board is made from flexible material so it can be rolled up
and stored inside the included heavy-duty plastic tube.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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