Bendable, flexible, and twistable colored pencils.

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Flexcils bend the rules on what a colored pencil can be. For one thing, they trade the straight round shape of a traditional pencil for a flexible triangular form. And instead of being made from wood with a brittle core that constantly needs to be sharpened, they’re constructed from a secret bendable material that never needs to be sharpened!

Every hue of Flexcil is tons of fun to color with or twist into unexpected shapes. Pick up a pack of Flexcils and color on a new curve.

Features & specs

  • 10 or 24 flexible color pencils
  • Doesn’t require sharpening
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Triangular cross-section for easy grip

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Coloring styluses that flex

Flexcils are a writing tool that are familiar and yet new all at once. The coloring implements have a similar shape to classic colored pencils, making them intuitively easy to use. But their triangular cross-section and bendability make them something completely new and interesting that just might spark your creativity.

You can twist them, flex them in a curl or a serpentine shape, and even bend one tip to the other without breaking them!

Flexcils give “magic marker” an entirely new meaning.

Colorful to the core

Flexcils behave and appear like color pencils except for one major difference: the entire stylus is made of the colored pigment that ends up on the page. That means every edge makes a mark, and you’ll never have to sharpen a Flexil from the moment you pull it from the package until you’ve used the whole thing. And this wonder-substance won’t smudge on the page or leave stains on your hands.

Never needs to be sharpened!
Flex your creativity muscles.

Flexible Fun

When you encounter something new like a Flexcil, you’re likely to wonder what kind of crazy thing it’s made from. It’s a secret! But rest assured, whatever they’re made from, each of the colors are completely odorless and non-toxic.

Non-toxic and odorless
Twisty things that can color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do they stretch?

Answer: While you can bend Flexcils, they don’t really stretch if you pull them at each end.

Question: Do they snap or break?

Answer: If you bend them so that the tips touch and squeeze them too hard or too close to the bend, it’s possible for your Flexcils to break. But don’t worry, they write just the same.

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