FreeHand: The pocket for the back of your hand.
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FreeHand Workout Glove

The pocket for the back of your hand.

FreeHand Workout Glove
FreeHand Workout Glove image
FreeHand Workout Glove image
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FreeHand Workout Glove - Large
This item has been discontinued.
FreeHand Workout Glove - Small
This item has been discontinued.


Have you ever struggled to find a place to store your keys, money, or phone once you've thrown on your workout clothes? Struggle no more with the FreeHand Workout Glove, the comfortable, neoprene pocket for the back of your hand.

The FreeHand's flexible mesh pocket can safely store your keys, your BlackBerry, and everything in between while you work out.

Fits either hand.

Features & specs

  • Neoprene and mesh construction
  • Holds keys, credit cards, money, phones, and iPods
  • Fits either hand

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FreeHand Workout Glove conveniently holds your valuables when you exercise

The FreeHand Workout Glove is an ingenious pocket for the back of your hand. No longer do you have to try to store a few bucks in your sock or suffer through the jangling of your keys while you go for a run. The FreeHand is great for bike riding, too. It is much cooler, we argue, than a little basket in front of your handlebars. Keep the streamers, though. They're always fashionable.

The FreeHand Workout Glove comfortably secures your keys, money, credit cards, or phone while you work out.

Flexible mesh is extremely stretchable

The stretchable mesh of the FreeHand Workout Glove can expand wide enough to hold a BlackBerry, Treo, and video iPod classic. It also contracts with enough force to safely hold smaller items like keys and credit cards during the most strenuous of activities.

The stretchable mesh of the FreeHand Workout Glove can securely hold both large items like smartphones and small items like keys and credit cards.
The FreeHand Workout Glove can hold all of these items. Of course, it can't hold all of them at once.

Two sizes available

Generally speaking, the Large FreeHand is designed for men and the Small, for women.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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