Glorybee Honey Stix: Flavored honey packets for snacking and more.

Glorybee Honey Stix (36-pack)

Flavored honey packets for snacking and more.


Get your sweet fix the natural way and tear open a tube of Glorybee Honey Stix.

Each single serving packet contains delicious honey that’s been naturally flavored to taste like chocolate, caramel, root beer and more!

These portable snacks are great to pack in a school lunch, keep at work for a midday sweet break, or add to your morning tea.

Since this unique bulk variety pack has 36 stix representing 12 unique flavors, you’ll have plenty of different types of sweet nectar to choose from.

Features & specs

  • Variety pack of flavored honey tubes
  • 36 Stix per pack
  • 12 flavors per pack (3 Stix of each): chocolate, root beer, watermelon, habanero, sour apple, mint, blackberry, caramel, peach, cinnamon, lemon, and orange
  • Net wt. (each): 0.18 oz (5 g)
  • Naturally colored and flavored
  • Certified Kosher
  • BPA free
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Sugar buzz

Honey is just mother nature’s way of telling us we can have a treat if we’re good. Glorybee Honey Stix make that natural treat even better by adding delicious natural flavors to the sweet stuff.

There’s no shortage of uses for these flavored sweets. Imagine lemon honey stirred into your tea, chocolate honey drizzled on your biscuits, and habanero honey glazed on your chicken wings. The portable tubes are also convenient for throwing in a lunch box and grabbing energy to go as you leave the house.

Flavored honey snacks
Flavored honey snacks!

Natural nectar

If you’re crazy enough to think that the main ingredient in honey ought to be honey, then Glorybee Honey Stix are for you. With the ingredients printed in large letters right on the package, you know exactly what you’re getting: real honey combined with natural flavors like essential oils. The no-fat, no-cholesterol sticks are a quick hit of sweet without any extra junk thrown in.

All natural honey snacks
Delicious real honey!

Thirty-six stix

The Glorybee Honey Stix variety pack includes 36 tubes of delicious honey in 12 flavors you can’t get from a hive. Who knew that honey could be minty, cinnamony, or root beer-y? With three sealed straws of honey in each flavor, you’ll have plenty of nectar to sample.

For an extra treat, try combining flavors to make a new honey recipe!

12 flavors of honey sticks
36 stix in 12 natural flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I know which flavor is which?

Answer: The 36 Honey Stix are organized by flavor using colored rubber bands. There’s a guide in the packaging that tells you which color of rubber band is paired with each flavor.

Question: How much does the flavor come through?

Answer: Pretty well. We did blind taste tests and were still able to identify the flavors.

Question: Can I request specific flavors?

Answer: At this time, Glorybee Honey Stix are only sold in a variety pack with all 12 delicious flavors.

Sorry! It's out of stock.

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