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GolfDarts Magnetic Golf Dart Game

Compete against your friends on nine "holes" of magnetic dart golf.

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GolfDarts is a clever hybrid of a traditional British pub game (darts) and a traditional Scottish distraction (golf). To play, simply hang the magnetic "course" wherever it's convenient and attempt to complete each of the nine holes in as few strokes as possible.

To "close out" a hole, land your magnet-tipped dart on a fairway followed by a green. Shots that land in a hazard are assessed a penalty stroke, but nail the appropriate sweet spot, and the stroke is free.

Game contents include six darts, hanging dartboard, scorecard, and game instructions. Packaged compactly in a brightly-colored cardboard tube.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (board): 14.5" x 17"
  • Six magnetic darts (3 blue / 3 yellow)
  • Packaged in an attractive heavy-duty poster tube
  • Includes scorecard and gameplay instructions

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Magnetic dartboard with a golf theme

GolfDarts is a fun twist on the classic bar game. Simply hang the "course" and start tossing the magnet-tipped darts. The player who completes the course in the fewest number of strokes (aka throws) wins.

Golf Darts is a simple and fun magnetic golf dart game.
GolfDarts is the perfect combination of darts and nine holes of golf.

GolfDarts is simple to setup, easy to play

The magnetic "course" is 17" x 14.5" and features a short string for hanging just about anywhere. A standard thumbtack is strong enough to support the one-pound board.

The rules of play are simple: complete each hole by first hitting its fairway and then its green. The sweet spots (red dots) are considered "free" throws and aren't counted as a stroke. Hitting a bunker or water hazard will cost you a penalty stroke.

Golf Darts features a large magnetic course.
Setup is a snap with the GolfDarts hanging board. A thumbtack or nail is all that's required to mount it.

Strong magnets ensure that all of your tosses stick

GolfDarts includes a set of six darts (three blue and three yellow). Each one features a super-strong magnet capable of holding a 12-ounce steel bar (aka the Railroad Spike Bottle Opener).

This means that your darts will stick to the GolfDarts course exactly where they make contact; no slipping, sliding, or bouncing completely off the board.

Each dart features a super strong magnet to ensure that it stays wherever it lands on the golf dart board.
The powerful magnet on the tip of each dart ensures that it sticks exactly where it makes contact with the board.

Aim for the sweet spots for better scores

On every fairway and green is a small red dot. These bullseyes are your ticket to super-low scores and even the elusive hole-in-zero.

To complete each hole, you must first land your dart on the fairway and then on the green. Every toss is counted as one stroke unless you hit the bullseye (red dot), which is not counted at all.

So, hitting two bullseyes back-to-back (one on the fairway and one on the green) results in the coveted hole-in-zero.

Gain a scoring advantage by hitting the red sweet spots throughout the course on the golf dart board.
Hit the sweet spots (red dots) to earn free strokes.

Stows away compactly

GolfDarts magnetic dart game includes a roll-up magnetic golf course, six darts, a score sheet, and instructions all packaged inside a heavy-duty cardboard poster tube.

Golf Darts office golf game comes packaged in an attractive tube case.
The contents of the GolfDarts game are packaged in a compact cardboard tube for easy storage.

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