Gorillapod Flexible Camera Tripod: Bendable trip for your camera
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Gorillapod Flexible Camera Tripod

Firmly secure your camera to just about anything!

Gorillapod Flexible Camera Tripod
Gorillapod Flexible Camera Tripod image
Gorillapod Flexible Camera Tripod image
Gorillapod Flexible Camera Tripod image
Gorillapod Flexible Camera Tripod image
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A Gorillapod is not a small group of wandering primates; rather, it is a flexible camera tripod that consists of dozens of articulating ball-and-socket joints that allow you to secure your camera to almost any object.

The Gorillapod flexible tripod is perfect for the shutterbug on the go, as its small size makes it easy to toss into your pocket or backpack. It provides all the benefits of your standard tripod - like steadying a camera in low-light situations or for timed group photos - yet it is much more versatile. The Gorillapod's flexible legs allow you to wrap it around a branch, pole, the back of a chair - you name it! Anywhere you need to, you can set up the Gorillapod Flexible Tripod.

Available in Original and SLR models.

Features & specs

  • The tripod's flexible joints bend and rotate up to 360°
  • Lock ring provides extra security that your camera remains attached to the tripod
  • Rubberized ring and foot grips provide super gripping power
  • Keep the slim-line attachment connected to your camera for quick-release

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Gorillapod firmly secures your camera to just about anything!

Gorillapod Bendable Tripod on the back of a chair
Gorillapod Flexible Tripod on a couch
The 360º flexibility of the joints make it possible to attach the Gorillapod tripod to nearly anything.
Soft rings and rubberized feet prevent the Gorillapod tripod from slipping. Steady the Gorillapod on nearly any surface.

The Gorillapod is the most portable tripod we've ever used

We've created tons of product videos for Vat19.com and we pride ourselves on taking our own product shots. So, we know a few things about photography. We're not claiming to be the Ansel Adams of table-top photography, but one basic rule is that if you want to take a good photo, you need a tripod.

Unless you're a surgeon, you simply can't hold the camera steady enough for a clear picture, especially if you're in a dark room or restaurant. But, you can't go into a restaurant with a four-foot-tall tripod unless you're ready to order the surf & turf and a bottle of Dom.  Thankfully, this small bendable tripod is a lot more subtle.

Gorillapod Flexible Tripod
The Gorillapod's flexible joints, in addition to its quick-release plate and lock ring, make it the king of portable tripods.

The Gorillapod Tripod is available in multiple sizes

The Gorillapod SLR Tripod is designed for SLRs and small video cameras weighing up to 1.75 lbs.

The Gorillapod Original Tripod is designed for small point-and-shoot cameras weighing up to 9.7 ounces.

Gorillapod Tripod available in multiple sizes

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*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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