Handy Grabs: A reacher with tiny hands on the grabbing claws.
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Handy Grabs

A reacher with tiny hands on the grabbing claws.

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Everyone can use an extra hand now and then, so reach for a pair and get a grip on Handy Grabs. This handy reaching pole extends your grasp with an extra set of hands attached to the hook on the end.

Whether you've got mobility issues, want to clean up trash that’s too gross to touch with your real hands, or just have a good grasp on what's both silly and practical, this grabbing extension pole is something to clap for.

Simply squeeze the trigger on one end of the pole with your real human hand, and the tiny hands 20" of reach will clasp together. And as a leg up on ordinary extenders, Handy Grabs's miniature man mitts are made of a rubberized plastic that will grasp your object with kid gloves (which, incidentally, are way too big for these hands).

Features & specs

  • An extension grabber with grasping hands on the end
  • Silly and practical at the same time
  • 20" reach (50.8 cm)
  • 24" overall length (61 cm)
  • Recommended for ages 6+
  • Materials: plastic grip, trigger, pole, and arms; metal triggering rope; rubberized plastic mini-hands
Despite their tiny size, Handy Grabs can give you an extra 20 inches of reach!
Despite their tiny size, Handy Grabs can give you an extra 20 inches of reach!

Give yourself a hand, soldier! #tinyhands #handygrabs #tinyhand #vat19 #soldier

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