Jumbo Rainbow Coil Spring: Enormous spring that stretches up to twenty feet!

Jumbo Rainbow Coil Spring

An enormous coil spring that stretches up to twenty feet!

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The classic coil spring has been slinking its way into our hearts since the days of black and white. Now it’s been brought into the world of color—and made bigger and more awesome too!

The Jumbo Rainbow Coil Spring is about five times the size of a regular coil spring and approximately 12-million times the fun! Not only does it perform all the tricks you remember from the original, but it also opens up a whole new range of play due to its immense size—arm hula hoops and gigantic jumping ropes are only the beginning.

Whether you’re a young’un wanting a toy bigger than you or an adult looking to relive their childhood, this gargantuan toy will show you a whirlwind of a good time!

Features & specs

  • A large rainbow-colored coil spring made of plastic
  • Stretches up to 20’ (6m)
  • Diameter: 9’’ (23cm)
  • Weight: 59.08 oz (1675g)

Big fun

The classic toy that lives large in our memories can now live just as large in our reality. Roll the Jumbo Rainbow Coil Spring down large objects, wear them as the oversized robot arms you've always wanted, or use it to do epically large tricks.

Jumbo Rainbow Coil Spring rolling off a table.

Fun sized just got a whole lot bigger

When the fun toys from your childhood get jumbofied, the fun gets multiplied exponentially. The Jumbo Rainbow Coil Spring is nine inches in diameter and stretches over 20 feet! That’s more than enough colorful coils to stretch into an afternoon of fun and a prominent place on your toy shelf.

Diameter and length of stretch.
Consider the Jumbosity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I push it down my stairs?

Answer: How big are your stairs?

Question: How much more fun is it than my regular Slinky?

Answer: Exactly 20 times more fun.

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