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Kapoosh: Universal Knife Block and Utensil Holder

Holds all your knives. No slots!

Stainless Steel
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The Kapoosh is a fantastic knife and utensil holder because it doesn't use slots. Mix and match knives from different sets or use it to hold any utensil you would like.

The Kapoosh Universal Knife Block uses removable compartments that are dishwasher safe. This is simply a case of the Kapoosh being a better mousetrap. And by mousetrap, we mean knife block.

Features & specs

  • No slots
  • Mix and match knives
  • Removable compartments
  • Dishwasher safe "freedom rods"

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Holds any knife

The Kapoosh Universal Knife Block can hold any set of knives due to its clever freedom rod technology. It's good looking, too, and available in two styles: stainless steel and wooden.

The stainless steel Kapoosh has two removable compartments whereas the wooden Kapoosh only has one removable compartment.

Kapoosh Universal Knife Block doesn't use slots.
The dishwasher safe (rods only) Kapoosh knife block doesn't use slots. It is available in two styles: stainless or wooden.

Free your knives!

The compartments in the Kapoosh Universal Knife Block are comprised of hundreds of "freedom rods".

These plastic rods allow you to insert nearly any object into the knife block. Though they're flexible, the freedom rods hold the object securely in place. Because it doesn't use pre-sized slots, the Kapoosh Universal Knife Block can hold nearly any knife or utensil. That's what puts the "universal" in universal knife block.

And don't worry about getting the freedom rods dirty. They're dishwasher safe! You can simply grab the compartments and remove them from the Kapoosh and chuck them in the dishwasher. Pretty awesome, indeed!

Freedom rods make the Kapoosh Universal Knife Block a slotless knife block.
Instead of slots, the Kapoosh Knife Block has freedom rods.

Keeps your knives sharper

Unlike slotted knife blocks which can quickly dull your blades, the Kapoosh's gentle system of freedom rods keeps your knives sharper, longer.

Slots are so out! Seriously, who has the time to try to figure out which slot goes with which knife? We don't! And now with the Kapoosh universal knife block, you can just toss 'em in and forget about it.

Please note that the Kapoosh knife block does not come with any knives... or slots.

The Kapoosh Universal Knife Block keeps your knives sharper
The flexible freedom rods prevent dulling of your knives.

Choose your style

The Kapoosh Universal Knife Block is currently available in two styles: stainless steel and wooden. Please note that the stainless steel design features two removable compartments while the wooden version has just one.

Choose your style of the Kapoosh Universal Knife Block
Choose your style of freedom.

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