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KeySmart Key Organizer

Tame your keys with the ingenious organizer and holder.

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Expansion Pack (2-22 keys)
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Subdue your unruly keychain with the KeySmart Key Organizer and Holder.

KeySmart is slim and streamlined, making carrying keys comfortable for everyone. Whenever you need a key, simply fold it out from KeySmart's Swiss Army-style holder.

Made from durable and lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, KeySmart holds up to four keys. With expansion packs, you can add up to 100 keys! Use the included loop ring to attach larger car keys and fobs.

Handmade in the USA, KeySmart is available in red and black.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 3" x 0.625" x 0.5" thick (with 4 keys)
  • Material: aircraft grade aluminum
  • Handmade in USA
  • Expandable to 100 keys (with expansion packs)
  • Fits standard US house keys

Pocket key holder and organizer

KeySmart organizes your keys in a Swiss Army knife*-esque holder. It makes carrying your keys more comfortable, less bulky, and super streamlined.

It definitely falls into the category of product we like to call "why didn't I think of that!"

*KeySmart is bladeless.

Hand holding the Keysmart Pocket Key Organizer.
KeySmart is your premium pocket key holder and organizer.

Ultra slim and compact

KeySmart holds up to four keys (expandable to 100 — not a typo) between two pieces of durable aircraft grade aluminum. A "fully loaded" KeySmart is a mere 0.5" thick (including the two 0.0625" thick plates).

The KeySmart is slim and compact.
Tame your keys with the ultra-slim KeySmart.

No tools required

Adding or removing keys from KeySmart is easy. Use a coin (or perhaps one of your Vat19 pocket tools) to unfasten the screws and adjust as necessary.

Use a coin to adjust the setup of your KeySmart.
Use a coin to add or remove keys quickly and easily.

Use expansion packs to hold dozens of keys

KeySmart, without any expansion packs, holds four keys. Use expansion packs (sold separately) to increase the capacity of your KeySmart up to 100 keys! That's next-level janitor game, son.

The KeySmart is expandable to up to 100 keys.
Use expansion packs (sold separately) to add up to 100 keys to your KeySmart.

Eliminates bulging and poking

When you first start using the KeySmart, don't be surprised if you find yourself constantly checking your pockets to see if you have your keys!

Because the KeySmart holds your keys in the most space-saving manner possible, it may feel as if you're not even carrying them. This design also makes it quick and easy to slide your keys in and out of your pockets.

With KeySmart, your keys remain perfectly aligned to avoid poking and bulging. 

Easily attach fobs, other awesomeness 

We sell a lot of awesomeness for your keychain. And KeySmart wants to help you carry it! Every KeySmart includes a loop ring for attaching key fobs, mini Simons, mini lighters, Rubik's cubes, and multi-tools.

The KeySmart includes a loop ring for attaching larger keys and fobs.
Attach larger keys, key fobs, and other general awesomeness via the KeySmart's included loop ring.

Handmade in Chicago, USA

Every KeySmart is made by hand in Chicago, Illinois and is currently available in two colors: red and black. Expansion packs are also available.

Please note that each expansion pack includes two metal posts and 8 spacers. An expansion pack allows 2-22 more keys to be added to KeySmart. The base KeySmart holds 4 keys (3 if you use the loop ring attachment).

The KeySmart is handmade in Chicago, IL.
The handmade KeySmart is available in red and black.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will it work with my keys?

Answer: KeySmart was specifically designed around the common US key length (10mm-55mm). Use the included loop ring for larger plastic car keys, fobs, and Pac-Man toys.

Question: How easy is it to swing out a key?

Answer: Very easy! Use a screwdriver or coin to adjust the tension to your personal preference.

Question: How many keys does it hold?

Answer: KeySmart holds four keys (or three keys plus the loop ring). Purchase an expansion pack to add up to 22 more keys.

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In Stock
Expansion Pack (2-22 keys)

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