TelePen Telescoping Keychain Pen: Never be without a pen again.

TelePen Telescoping Keychain Pen

Attach it to your keyring and you'll never be without a pen again.

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The ultra-compact TelePen is a handy collapsible pen that attaches to your keychain. Weighing less than an ounce and measuring less than two inches, you'll hardly notice the diminutive telescoping pen dangling from your keyring.

But the TelePen is there when you need it, expanding to nearly the length of a standard pen. Its tough stainless steel exterior protects it from the elements. Includes three black ink refills.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 2" when collapsed, 4.625" when extended
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Keyring included
  • Includes 3 black ink refills
  • Manufacturer limited 1-year warranty

Attach it to your keyring and you'll always have a pen

Searching for a pen in a hurry is frustrating. The TelePen mini telescoping pen attaches to your keychain so you'll never again be without a pen.

You may be thinking, "But I have a fancy mobile phone. It has an app for making me sound like T-Pain, so surely I don't need old technology like a pen!" As awesome as "I am T-Pain" is, you are wrong about not needing a pen. There is no faster way to jot down a note than with a trusty pen.

Imagine the following scenario: You're talking on said mobile device and your wife is giving you a list of groceries to pick up. Are you going to grab yet another cell phone and fire up its note-taking function in order to write down the list? Surely not because you have the TelePen Telescoping Pen on your keychain!

TelePen Telescoping Pen is a handy collapsible writing utensil.
Write down important notes anywhere with the TelePen Telescoping Keychain Pen.

Simply push or pull to collapse or expand

Push or pull the TelePen to shrink or expand the telescoping tubes. When fully extended, give it a sharp tug to remove the pen from the keyring holder.

Simply pull the ends of the TelePen to expand the telescoping tubes.
Simply pull the ends of the TelePen to expand.

The tough TelePen can handle abuse

Your keychain lives a rough life. Tossed around your house, buried in purses, pockets, and jackets; there's a reason why keys are made from metal. Thankfully, the TelePen can handle its fair share of abuse due to its stainless steel construction.

The TelePen is made from stainless steel.
The TelePen's stainless steel construction can handle life on a keychain.

Expands from the size of a key to a nearly full-size pen

When collapsed, the TelePen is a hair under two inches long making it about the size of a standard house key. When expanded, it's nearly the length of a full-size pen.

With the TelePen, you're not going to feel like you're using one of those miniature golf course pencils.

The TelePen telescoping pen expands from the size of a house key to nearly the size of a standard pen.
The TelePen expands from the size of a house key to nearly the size of a standard pen.

Includes three black ink refills

In addition to the keyring (which is included), each TelePen includes three black ink refills.

TelePen Telescoping Pen comes with three black ink refills.
The TelePen includes three black ink refills.

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