Magic 16 Magnetic Puzzle Ball

Try to form a sphere using the magnetic puzzle pieces.

This item has been discontinued.


Challenge yourself to a little brain exercise with the Magic 16 Magnetic Puzzle Ball. To solve, just arrange the sixteen included magnetic pieces to form a spherical shell around the ball. Sound easy? Trust us, it's not. But if you're some sort of whiz kid, you can increase the difficulty by attempting to discover all four possible solutions.

When you're done puzzlin', simply twist the ball apart and store the puzzle pieces inside.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 4" diameter
  • 16 magnetic puzzle pieces
  • 4 possible solutions
  • Store pieces inside the ball when not in use
  • Ages: 3+

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Fun and challenging magnetic puzzle

The Magic 16 Puzzle Ball features a set of sixteen pieces of varying shapes that attach magnetically to a four-inch diameter sphere.

You may think that a puzzle with only sixteen pieces would be trivial and super-easy to solve. However, this sucker is pretty tough. The spherical nature of the Magic 16 Puzzle Ball makes it quite a fun challenge for both kids and adults.

Magic 16 Puzzle Ball being solved.
The spherical Magic 16 Puzzle Ball is definitely a challenge!

Four possible solutions increase playability

The Magic 16 Puzzle Ball has four possible solutions, which are outlined below. They are also included in the packaging so you don't pull your hair out.

There are four alternative solutions for the Magic 16 Magnetic Puzzle Ball.
There are four possible solutions to the Magic 16 Puzzle.

Self-contained puzzle for easy storage

Simply twist apart the sphere and store the puzzle pieces inside it when not in use.

Keep the Magic 16 Puzzle Ball on your coffee table so your guests can give it a whirl. You can also have a little fun and tell Mr. Awesome that he can only take out your 16-year-old daughter if he can solve the puzzle. Your daugher may cringe in embarrassment, but at least you'll know if the suitor is smart enough to be dating your little girl.

Store the magnetic puzzle pieces inside the Magic 16 Ball when not in use.
The Magic 16 Puzzle Ball twists apart so you can store the pieces inside.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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