Milk and Cookie Shot Maker: Bake shot glasses out of chocolate chip cookies.

Milk and Cookie Shot Maker

Bake your own shot glasses made out of chocolate chip cookies.

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The Milk and Cookie Shot Maker gives you the tools to bake tiny cups made entirely out of delicious chocolate chip cookies.

The kit includes a silicone mold for creating your cookie cups, a two-piece melting station for your chocolate liner, and recipes for optimally formed chocolate chip cookies.

Assemble your ingredients, bake your batter in the silicone mold, and line the cookie cups with liquid chocolate to make an anti-soggy barrier. Then fill them with milk or a liqueur and enjoy the classic combo in a completely new way!

Features & specs

  • Bake your own shot glasses made out of cookies!
  • Includes cookie sheet mold, two-piece chocolate melting pot, and instruction/recipe pamphlet
  • Fill the cookie shots with milk and enjoy!
  • Silicone cookie sheet with 6 shot molds
  • Microwave-safe chocolate melting bowl

Cookie monstrosity

Milk and cookies go together like... well, milk and cookies. But you've never had them go together like this before. With the Shot Maker, you don’t just dip your cookie in milk; you slam a shot of milk and chase it with a bite of cookie cup. Yum!

Drink your milk (and cookies)!

Cook your cup

The Milk and Cookie Shot Maker gives you a shot at making as many cookie glasses as you'd like in whatever flavor you'd like.

Begin by using the included recipe to mix up a sweet serving of chocolate chip batter and pour it into the silicone mold.

Bake the shots six at a time in the oven and pull out a half-dozen perfectly cooked drinking vessels. Ready the cups by using the melter to prepare and pour liquid chocolate into the cookie shots to keep the cups from getting soggy and leaking milk.

Finally, fill your cup up and enjoy the dessert!

Don't worry; you can't bite off more than you can chew

Pastry chef/bartender

The name of the set is Milk and Cookie Shot Maker, and it includes a recipe for crispy chocolate chip cookie cups, but these aren't meant to be limitations.

Try your hand at shot glasses made from brownies, snickerdoodles, or whatever you think up. And pour in flavored milk, plant milk, or a liqueur of your choice. This baking set is your ticket to a tasty test kitchen.

Get creative!
Toast to taste testing.

Kit for the kitchen

The Milk and Cookie Shot Maker set includes a six-cup silicone cookie mold, a two-piece microwave-safe melting bowl, and an instruction booklet with a chocolate chip shot glass recipe. Bon appetit!

Silicone cookie mold, melting bowl, and detailed instructions with recipe
If you teach a man to bake cookies...

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: So does it come with milk and cookies?

Answer: As it happens, milk is pretty perishable, and once you're out of cookies, there's a problem. So instead of directly selling the consumables, the Milk and Cookie Shot Maker gives you the tools you need to make as many cookie shots as you want whenever you want.

Question: Can I make a different kind of cookie?

Answer: Of course! Note the included recipe differs a bit from a typical chocolate chip recipe to create a less soggy shot glass. Adjust your recipe accordingly and make peanut butter, snickerdoodle, sugar, brownie, or any other kind of cookie you can think up!

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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