Mini Gummy Bear Soap: Colorful, realistic-looking gummy bear soaps
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Mini Gummy Bear Soap

Colorful soaps look and smell like real gummy bears.

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We love us some gummy bears at So much so that even when we're not in a snacking mood, we can't resist adorning our bathrooms with these adorable, colorful soaps. Each package includes twenty-five gummy bear soaps that are the same size, shape, and smell as the real deal. Includes five each of cherry/red, pineapple/milky white, lime/green, lemon/yellow, and orange/orange.

Features & specs

  • 25 gummy bear soaps per set
  • 5 each of five different colors/scents
  • Made in the USA
  • Ages 5+
  • Non-toxic glycerine soaps
  • Packaged in a cell bag tied with ribbon

Although tempting, do not munch on these gummy bears

Before you ask, the answer is "No, eating these gummy bears will not kill you." That being said, it's still not a good idea to eat these non-toxic, glycerine soaps.

They may smell and look like gummy bears, but they certainly won't taste like them. They're meant for cleaning only. (If you're really jonesing for some gummy, check this out.)

Mini Gummy Bear Soap
Our Gummy Bear Soaps look and smell like the real thing. Just don't eat them.

Look and smell like real gummy bears

Your package features twenty-five Gummy Bear Soaps that are the same size, shape, and smell as the real candy treat.

You will receive five each of lime, orange, pineapple, cherry, and lemon-scented Gummy Bear Soaps. If you have the time, line them up in rows to create your very own little gummy bear army. Hey, we had fun doing it.

Mini Gummy Bear Soaps look and smell like the real thing
Your package of twenty-five Gummy Bear Soaps includes five each of the colors seen above.

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