Morphology: The hilarious guessing game where creativity wins.
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Morphology Board Game

Hilarious party guessing game where creativity wins.

Morphology Board Game
Morphology Board Game image
Morphology Board Game image
Morphology Board Game image
Morphology Board Game image
Morphology Board Game image
Morphology Board Game image
Morphology Board Game image
Morphology Board Game image
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Morphology is the creative party game where you literally build clue words.

Play begins when a team's builder (aka Morphologist) draws a word card from the deck. He or she then has just 60 seconds to get their team to guess the word by constructing it using a collection of materials such as sticks, blocks, beads, string, and rings. It's like sculptural Pictionary!

The builder mustn't speak or act, but a certain level of nodding, grunting, and urging is strongly encouraged. Additionally, the Morphologist can manipulate the game pieces to communicate actions such as running, jumping, or swinging.

The winner of numerous awards and accolades, Morphology is fun, creative, and sure to bring out your silly side. Designed for 4+ players, ages 13 and up.

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Features & specs

  • Includes 480 clue words of varying difficulty
  • 50 building pieces
  • 4+ players
  • Ages 13+
  • #2 Toy of 2010 (TIME magazine)

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A new twist on a classic party game!

Morphology is similar to Pictionary in that you have to communicate a word to your teammates without speaking. But instead of drawing the concept, you must construct it using a collection of blocks, sticks, rings, and other building materials.

As you try to express the word on your card, your teammates will be yelling out their guesses, you'll be grunting and gesturing, and the whole thing will turn into a frenzied, hysterical mess as time runs out. It's truly an awesome game!

The Morphology Board Game asks you to build words using the included building materials.
Scramble to communicate the word on your card using only the included building materials.

Your teammates must guess the word before time expires

Your job as the "Morphologist" on your team is to use the included building materials to convey the word on the card you've chosen.

You have a limited amount of time (60 seconds) to build your masterpiece and have your teammates correctly guess the word.

Get your teammates to guess the word before time runs out.
You have 60 seconds to express the word on your card to your team.

Only 50 pieces to create 480 different words!

Morphology is great because the relatively limited build materials require a lot of "out of the box" thinking on the part of the Morphologist. It also lends itself to flurries of absurd guesses which are sure to have everyone involved in stitches.

Morphology build materials.
The Morphologist must use the included build materials to create their word clues.

Building materials + your creativity = an awesome time

Below are just a few examples of how you can use the included materials to conquer the words in Morphology.

Please note that the words pictured below are all from the "easy" collection of words. Each of the 240 cards in Morphology has one "easy" word and one "hard" word.

Please also note that "Some Sort of Arachnid" is just our little joke; the real word was "spider".

A few examples of building different words using the included build materials.
Use your creativity to manipulate the mundane building pieces into words, actions, and ideas.

Animate the materials to express complex ideas

There are going to be times in Morphology when static figures won't cut it. This is where the Morphologist earns their stripes. Although the Morphologist cannot act out a word, they can animate the build materials to convey complex concepts.

In the picture below, the Morphologist could swing the stick to show the person playing baseball or tennis. They could alter the swing to illustrate "overhead" or swing and miss at a building block to illustrate "whiff" or "strike".

Of course, a lot of the fun comes from hearing the rush of odd guesses coming from your team.

Play out actions using the included build materials to help your teammates guess the word.
Manipulate the pieces to explain complex concepts.

Two levels of difficulty for endless hilarity

Each of the 240 Morphology cards have both an easy and a hard word for a total of 480 head-scratching concepts and hours of fun!

Each Morphology card includes one easy and one hard word. There are 240 total cards.
Morphology includes 480 word clues (240 easy and 240 hard).

As the game progresses, the difficulty increases!

In order to win the game, your team must be the first to correctly guess nine words.

As if having to build a word isn't challenging enough, Morphology mixes it up with "handicaps". When your team lands on a "Roll" space, you must roll the die to determine the additional hurdle you must face in demonstrating your word.

The handicaps are:

  1. "Everybody plays" (Any team can correctly guess the word.)
  2. "Eyes closed" (The Morphologist must build their contraption blindfolded.)
  3. "Weak hand only" (A right-handed Morphologist can only use their left hand and vice versa.)
  4. "String only" (The Morphologist can build only with string.)
  5. "You pick five" (Prior to looking at the card, the Morphologist chooses just five pieces to use while building the word.)
  6. "Interception" (If the build team fails to correctly guess the word, other teams can steal it.)

As the game progresses, challenges such as building the word with your eyes closed create new levels of hilarity.
As the game progresses, handicaps such as "eyes closed" are introduced into the game.

What's in the box

The Morphology box includes 240 cards (a total of 480 words), a timer, die, 50 building material pieces, game board, four player tokens, and a rules booklet.

The Morphology Game includes a timer, die, building pieces, a game board, player tokens, and 240 word cards.
The Morphology box includes everything you need to have a rollicking good time at your next party.
Well, maybe not everything.

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*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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