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My Cup of Cake Gift Set

Just add water to bake a decadent soufflé in under 3 minutes.

Classic Belgian Chocolate
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Belgian Chocolate Refill
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Chocolate Salted Caramel
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Turn a loved one’s microwave into their own personal bakery when you give a My Cup of Cake gift set. The convenient kit gives them everything they need to make a delicious soufflé in under three minutes!

Simply empty the oil and packets of all-natural mix into the included ceramic mug, add water, stir, and microwave for about 2:20. The cake rises as it cooks, producing a deliciously gooey soufflé that is completely devoid of artificial flavorings.

My Cup of Cake is available in two decadent flavors: Classic Belgian Chocolate and Chocolate Salted Caramel. Buy the full gift set (that includes the 16 oz. ceramic mug) and don't forget to grab a refill pack!

Features & specs

  • Includes ingredients to make a soufflé in the microwave in under three minutes (just add water)
  • Cake can also be made in oven in 30 minutes
  • 16 oz. ceramic mug (not included with refill packages)
  • All-natural ingredients, no artificial flavorings
  • Refill packs only include oil and dry mixture packets.
  • Made in the USA (except ceramic cup which is made in China)
  • Serves two (or more depending on your sharing preferences!)

Give delicious

Enjoying a rich, gooey soufflé usually requires going out to a restaurant or spending an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen. With My Cup of Cake, your giftee can make their own delicious dessert at home in minutes. The recipe yields a two-serving cake to share… or a one-serving cake when choco cravings strike.

The ease and quality of My Cup of Cake make it a great gift for cooking novices and baking connoisseurs alike.

Bake a soufflé in three minutes!
A perfect pastry present.

Fast and fresh

To begin baking, fill the included paper cup with water and pour it into the included mug. Add the included oil and soufflé mix packets, then stir until the entire mixture is fully incorporated. Stick the mug in the microwave, and in a couple of minutes, you’ll be greeted with a warm, delicious soufflé.

If you have a little extra time to devote to your dessert, you can bake your mixture in the oven for 25-30 minutes to get a little extra rise in your cake.

So quick, so good.

Microwavable magnificence

Microwave and gourmet are not words often paired together. My Cup of Cake is the exception to that rule, producing a mouth-watering dessert that you’ll love to savor. Each bite is full of delicious gooey chocolate that tastes like it was made in a bakery, not a breakroom.

With no mixing bowls or spatulas required, My Cup of Cake is also easy to clean up. All you have to do is set your mug in the dishwasher, and you’re set.

Mouthwatering cake.
The gift of decadence.

My couple cakes

My Cup of Cake is available in two flavors: Classic Belgian Chocolate and Chocolate Salted Caramel. Both produce unbelievable cakes in mere minutes and only require you to supply the water.

The Chocolate Salted Caramel pack includes two salted caramel pieces which, when added, make for an extra gooey cake.

Belgian Chocolate and Chocolate Salted Caramel
Available in two delicious flavors.

Let them eat cake!

When you give My Cup of Cake, you’re giving a complete (and completely delicious) gift kit. The all-natural ingredients require only water to make a luscious cake. When your loved one is done enjoying their treat, they can put the 16-ounce ceramic mug in the dishwasher and reuse as needed.

Make sure they keep their mug handy so you can give them refill packets to keep their cake cravings in check. Feel free to remind them that there are two servings of cake and that sharing is caring.

All-natural ingredients
Buy a refill pack to keep the cake coming!

Question: Does the cake taste differently if you bake it in the oven instead of the microwave?

Answer: The cake tastes delicious either way, but baking in the oven will allow the soufflé to rise more.

Question: Can the mug only be used for the cake mix?

Answer: The My Cup of Cake mug is a standard ceramic mug, and can be used for any mug-related needs.

What are the ingredients?

Classic Belgian Chocolate ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, cocoa solids, egg, canola oil, nonfat dry milk powder cocoa, sour cream powder, baking powder, lecithin (an emulsifier), and vanilla.

Belgian Chocolate Salted Caramel ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, cocoa solids, egg, canola oil, nonfat dry milk powder cocoa, sour cream powder, baking powder, lecithin (an emulsifier), condensed milk, brown sugar, butter and salt.

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Chocolate Salted Caramel

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