Nightstar Shake Flashlight: To charge, simply shake this no battery flashlight.

Nightstar Shake Flashlight

To charge, simply shake this no battery flashlight.

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The NightStar Flashlight is the best shake flashlight we've ever used. Simply shaking this no-battery flashlight for 30 seconds provides more than 20 minutes of light.

When shaken, a powerful magnet creates electrical energy as it passes through a tightly coiled wire. The energy is stored in a gold capacitor which, unlike a battery, will never corrode, can be recharged several hundred thousand times, and can power the LED light in extreme temperatures.

This forever flashlight is incredibly durable as it can withstand being run over by a car. The NightStar shake flashlight is perfect for the home, in the car, or on the job.

Features & specs

  • 30 seconds of shaking creates a 20 minute charge
  • Waterproof to 1000 ft
  • StarCore LED Technology
  • Made from lightweight, yet incredibly strong polycarbonate plastic
  • Works in extreme temperatures from -50 F to 140 F
  • Glow-in-the-dark switch
  • Floats
  • 10" tall x 2" diameter (at widest point)

No batteries, no bulbs, no maintenance. Ever.

This forever flashlight has only one moving part: a high-energy magnet. By shaking the light, you cause the magnet to pass through a coil of copper wire. This creates the electrical energy that is used to power the world's brightest T1.75 LED diode.

What does this all mean? It means that the NightStar Shake Flashlight will always work. You'll never need to purchase batteries or buy new bulbs. All you ever have to do is shake the flashlight for 30 seconds and it'll provide light for 20 minutes.

Forever Flashlight doesn't need a battery
Shake the flashlight for thirty seconds to generate twenty minutes of illumination.

This forever flashlight is easy to find in the dark

When the power goes out, the first thing you need to find is a flashlight. The NightStar Shake Flashlight makes this a little easier with a glow-in-the-dark on/off switch.

NightStar Shake Flashlight glows in the dark
The glow-in-the-dark switch of the forever flashlight makes it easy to find during a power outage.

Run over this shake flashlight with a car and it still works

The manufacturer said their forever flashlight was the best. So, when we received a sample we shook the daylights out of it (or at least attempted to) by running over it with a car. Afterwards, we were surprised to see the shake flashlight still intact. We snapped a few pics and then inspected the carnage. We were surprised to only find superficial damage.

NIghtstar Flashlight was run over by a car
Run over your NightStar Shake Flashlight with your car and it hardly even flinches.

Just a few scratches and scrapes after being run over by a car.

It may be hard to see, but the NightStar Shake Flashlight did suffer a few superficial scratches and scrapes, but nothing serious (no cracks). This forever flashlight can clearly take a beating.

No battery flashlight takes a beating
After being run over by a car, the NightStar Shake Flashlight only received minor, superficial damage.

No battery flashlight only requires a little shaking

Shaking this forever flashlight causes the high-powered magnet to pass through the coiled copper wire and create electrical energy. This energy is not stored in a battery, but rather in a capacitor. Both batteries and capacitors store electrical energy, but a capacitor is better suited for the application of a forever flashlight for several reasons: a capacitor can operate in extreme temperatures, can be recharged hundreds of thousands of times, and never corrodes.

Other shake flashlights use small watch batteries, which eventually need to be replaced. The NightStar Shake Flashlight uses high quality components that will last for a lifetime.

  • The LED used is the brightest T1.75 diode in the world. It is practically unbreakable and has a lifetime of tens of thousands of hours. It will never need to be changed.
  • The gold-film high capacity capacitor can be recharged hundreds of thousands of times.
  • The NightStar Shake Flashlight can be submerged up to 1,000 feet. We're not quite sure what you'd be doing at that depth with your shake flashlight, but rest assured it would still shine brightly.

Forever Flashlight

Loves both freezing and scorching temps

Because of its tough polycarbonate housing, the NightStar Shake Flashlight can withstand extreme temperatures. In fact, your forever flashlight will work in temperatures ranging from -50 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shake Flashlight is a great shake light
The ultra-tough NightStar Shake Flashlight works in extreme temperatures.

A few AQs (Assumed Questions)

Instead of a frequently asked questions section, we're including a list of questions that we assume you'll ask about the NightStar Shake Flashlight. If we don't cover something, you can use the burning questions area below.

We know that making assumptions is usually a recipe for destruction, but apparently we have an appetite for such (finally, a G'nR reference!).

Question: Is this forever flashlight as bright as my MagLite?

Answer: No. While the NightStar Shake Flashlight is incredibly efficient in terms of converting motion energy into electrical energy, there's no competing with the power of three or four D batteries. However, this shake flashlight is not wimpy (unlike others we tested). Even in a brightly lit office, the beam from the NightStar Shake Flashlight is clearly visible on a wall from 10 feet away.

Question: Does it take forever to charge up?

Answer: No. If you shake the NightStar for 30 seconds, it's ready to go for 20 minutes. The NightStar Shake Flashlight features repulsion magnets at both ends of the tube in which the charging magnet resides. These help in smoothly rebounding the charging magnet to increase the efficiency of the system.

Question: This shake flashlight looks like it's made of plastic. Is it going to shatter if I drop it?

Answer: That's a negative. We ran over The NightStar Shake Flashlight with a car and it was fine. We've dropped it on concrete from 5 feet and it didn't crack. This is some seriously tough plastic.

Question: Does the capacitor have memory like batteries? Over time, will the NightStar Shake Flashlight hold a smaller and smaller charge?

Answer: No. Although capacitors and batteries both store electrical energy, they do so in very different ways. A capacitor has many advantages over batteries including the ability to be recharged hundreds of thousands of times without any degradation in storage capacity. P.S.: The NightStar Shake Flashlight uses a capacitor.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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