The Ostrich Pillow Mini: Ultra-compact power nap pillow
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The Ostrich Pillow Mini

Ultra-compact and portable power napping pillow.

Ostrich Pillow Mini
Ostrich Pillow Mini image
Ostrich Pillow Mini image
Ostrich Pillow Mini image
Ostrich Pillow Mini image
Ostrich Pillow Mini image
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Dreamt up in Spain, the land of the siesta, the Ostrich Pillow Mini maximizes quality napping on the go.

Soft jersey-like fabric is stuffed with silicone-coated microbeads, creating a breathable compact cushion perfect for resting your head against.

Because finding the right sleep position makes all the difference, the versatile design allows you to wear it as an elbow pad, a forearm guard, or a boxing glove that will knock you out.

The ultra-portable pillow easily stows away in a purse or bag.

The Ostrich Pillow Mini is a comfortable travel pillow that helps you get quality rest wherever you are.

Features & specs

  • 95% Viscose — 5% Elastomer
  • Polystyrene ball filling
  • Fits around the elbow, forearm, or hand
  • Hand wash

A pillow made for the way you sleep

One of the keys to getting a good nap is finding the right natural position to rest your body. Another key is a soft cushion for your head. The Ostrich Pillow Mini takes care of both. The pillow is designed to be used in multiple configurations with either arm for maximum comfort.

A woman wears the pillow on her forearm, her right hand, and her left hand
The versatile Ostrich Pillow Mini helps you rest in your favorite position.

Like dreaming on a cloud

Just like the original Ostrich Pillow and the Ostrich Pillow Lite, the OP Mini is made from a breathable jersey outer shell stuffed with silicon-coated micro-beads. This equates to resting your head on the best bean bag ever.

The OP Mini has just the right amount of firmness to cradle your head and just the right amount of softness to turn a tree, a park bench, or a car window into a blissful cushion.

Thick cushioning and breathable fabric
The princess on the pea wishes she had an Ostrich Pillow Mini.

Power nap anywhere

The Ostrich Pillow Mini is the most compact Ostrich Pillow yet, but that doesn't mean it sacrifices your ability to get some shut-eye. Pick your perfect posture for rest and saw a log on public transportation, in the waiting room, or on your lunch break.

Your power nap companion
The OP Mini is perfect for work because we all know
there aren't any sheep in the conference room.

One pillow for all sleepy bodies*

We could all use a few extra winks, so it's a good thing Ostrich Pillow is made for just about anybody with arms and a head.

The combo of jersey fabric and bean bag filling ensures a comfortable fit on almost anyone. The OP Mini slips around an arm to fit on the elbow, forearm, or hand of both lefties and righties.

One size fits all
*Except the Hulk and Ant-Man.

Can't live without it?
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