Piranha Plant Puppet: Hand puppet plant with a taste for plumbers.
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Piranha Plant Puppet

Super Mario hand puppet plant with a taste for plumbers.

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Slip a Piranha Plant Puppet on your paw and warp into the world of Super Mario Bros.!

The hand puppet is styled after the iconic carnivorous polkadot plants from the world's most famous video game franchise.

Put your hand through the pipe to puppeteer the piranha and make it chew up Mario. Or go off-book and feature the sharp-toothed vegetable as the hero of its own story.

Features & specs

  • Hand puppet styled like a Mario Bros. piranha plant
  • Materials: synthetic fiber
  • Ambidextrous
  • Officially licensed

Plumbing problem

If you're side-scrolling down the street in the Mushroom Kingdom and you come across a green pipe, chances are you'll find a polka-dotted piranha plant.

If you come across a piranha plant in our world, chances are you'll find a hand inside that plant. This Mario-themed puppet pays homage to the ubiquitous man-eating plants that plumbers have to deal with when saving a kidnapped princess. And since your hand goes inside, you get to live out your anti-hero fantasies as you control the piped plant.

Video games improve eye-hand coordination.

Extending enemy

Not only can you control the Piranha Plant Puppet's mouth, but you can also make it retract into and pop out of the pipe! Both the plant and pipe are made of soft fabric, so feel free to get animated and surprise your friends or final bosses with a sudden strike.

Extends from 5
Hide the plant inside the pipe and pop out.

World 1-1 in 3D

The Piranha Plant Puppet is made to look great from any angle with details like the embroidered stitching around its polka-dots and soft, felt teeth.

Multiple views of the piranha plant puppet
Multiple views of the piranha plant puppet
Get your hand in there, but don't let it eat you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I operate it from the outside?

Answer: The Piranha Plant Puppet is meant to be a hand puppet, but you can use it however you like.

Question: Isn't this the bad guy?

Answer: Depends on who you ask. Is the Venus Flytrap bad?

Sorry! It's out of stock.


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Note: The product details shown on Vat19 (including price) may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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