Droid Inventor Kit: Create your own Star Wars Droid™.

Droid Inventor Kit

Create your own Star Wars Droid™ with LittleBits technology.

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The Droid Inventor Kit has everything you need to help create your own interactive Droid!

Use the included magnetic modules and parts to put together your very own Droid. Then interact and control it with your smartphone, playing with an ever-expanding library of activities. Drive it around, tell it what to do, give it a high five, and more! And if the default ensemble is too basic for you, customize and remix it to create your own robot friend.

Features & specs

  • Create, customize, and control your own Droid
  • Officially-licensed
  • Includes: 6 LittleBits modules; 15+ plastic parts, 20+ colored decals
  • Free app enables over 20 activities
  • Play with your Droid with activities like: drive and steer, high five, voice control, selfie snap, self-navigation, drawing Droid, defensive Droid, guard-the-room, dancing, and obstacle course

Magnetic invention

The Droid Inventor Kit gives you the parts to put together your very own robotic toy. LittleBits electronic modules connect magnetically without tools. Once completed, you can use a smart device app to control your creation!

Put together your own Droid!
"An extremely well put together little Droid, your Highness."

Droid DIY

The Droid Inventor Kit is far more than a mere figurine. Powered by LittleBits, you connect the magnetic modules without the need for extra tools. Then you put together the outer components around the working platform. Once completed, you can use your smartphone or tablet to drive it and perform other interactive functions.

Connect modules the magnetic modules.
Hands assembling the droid and putting on the top.
Control R2 with your smartphone.
"Thank the maker!"

Droid for Android or iOS

Once you power it up, the excitable and feisty creation chirps and dashes around. But it soon settles down and awaits your commands. Using your smart device, you can use a virtual joystick to pilot it where you will. Additionally, you can assign it to a variety of missions: wave its arm, use a wave of your hand to move it just like the Force™, control its head movement, set it to alert you of intruders, and even have it navigate the room on its own.

Show off your driving skills.

Decorate your Droid

The Droid Inventor Kit includes a transparent shell that instantly transforms your creation into an iconic character. But with a driving platform independent of the outer case, you can use your creativity to give your new creation a cool paint job or completely reimagine its look using your ingenuity and everyday household objects!

Invent custom Droids!
Make yours the only one like it on Earth.

Creation kit

The Droid Inventor Kit includes everything you need to put it together in the box. The set comes with six electronic LittleBits modules, fifteen plastic shell components, three sets of detailing stickers, and printed instructions to help you get started on your creation.

Droid Inventor Kit contents
No tools necessary!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I get the app?

Answer: You can download the app for free from the Google Play or iOS App Store.

Question: Does it work with other Little Bits?

Answer: The pieces physically fit together and could be repurposed, but since the invention is controlled through the app, it will not function as expected if you add foreign LittleBits.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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