Paint Retouching Pens: Touch-up your walls quickly and easily
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Paint Retouching Pens (set of 2)

Quick, easy, and accurate touch-ups of any painted surface.

Paint Retouching Pens
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Paint Retouching Pens image
Paint Retouching Pens image
Paint Retouching Pens image
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Touch-up any painted surface with unparalleled ease using Paint Retouching Pens.

Using the included syringe, fill Paint Retouching Pens with your wall paint for a perfect match. Its unique ratcheting mechanism ensures an air-tight seal for years of convenient, at-a-moment's-notice touch-ups.

Keep your door frames, trim, and walls looking fresh and new with a set of Paint Retouching Pens. Each set includes two pens and a reusable refilling syringe.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (per pen): 4.75" x 0.5" diameter
  • Dimensions (syringe): 3.5" x 0.4" diameter
  • Air-tight paint reservoir for years of use
  • Mess-free design

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Quick and perfect touch-ups!

Paint Retouching Pens fit into one of our favorite categories on "Doh! Why didn't I Think Of That?!" Alongside such gems as the Double Dish Snack Bowl and the FreeKey Key Ring, Paint Retouching Pens are such obviously amazing ideas, you'll be kicking yourself for not having invented them yourself.

However, take solace in knowing that you can now keep your walls looking brand spanking new with minimal effort! Paint Retouching Pens encourage you to touch-up your walls anytime it strikes your fancy. It's that easy.

Touch up marks on any painted surface with Slobproof! Paint Retouching Pens.
Paint Retouching Pens allow you to fix blemishes on your wall at a moment's notice.

Load the pens with your paint for an exact match

The beauty of our Paint Retouching Pens is that you fill them with your paint. This ensures that your touch-ups will be an exact match to your wall.

Each set of Paint Retouching Pens comes with a reusable syringe which makes loading each pen quick and mess-free.

Because you're using your own paint, the touch-ups will always be an exact match.
Using the included syringe, load your Paint Pens with your paints for a perfect match.

Stays fresh for years

The Paint Retouching Pens feature an air-tight seal with a one-way ratcheting mechanism to ensure that the paint stays ready-to-use for years. Once loaded, a Paint Retouching Pen can be used, stowed away, and used again whenever it's convenient. Awesome!

Due to an airtight seal, Paint Retouching Pens will remain fresh for years.
The design of the Paint Retouching Pens promises years of use via its air-tight seal.

Each set includes two pens + reusable syringe

Every set of Paint Retouching Pens includes two paint pens (with air-tight seals) and a reusable filling syringe.

Each set of Paint Retouching Pens includes two pens and one filling syringe.
Paint Retouching Pens include two pens and one syringe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Wait. I don't get it. What's so awesome about these pens?

Answer: Over time, all walls need a little TLC. But it's a total drag to bust out the traditional painting gear (bucket of paint, rollers, drop cloths, etc.) for tiny touch-ups. Forget all of that hassle and use Paint Retouching Pens to cover those marks with a perfect color match.

Question: After you fill a pen with your paint, how long will it last?

Answer: For years and years! Paint Retouching Pens feature a one-way ratcheting mechanism that ensures an air-tight seal.

Question: Can I reuse the pens?

Answer: No. Once the pen is loaded, its one-way air-tight ratcheting mechanism prevents reversing the direction for refilling. This is the trade-off required for being able to touch-up your walls with such ease and convenience. Keep in mind that you get two pens per set!

Question: How do I ensure the paint is a perfect match with my wall?

Answer: Because you'll fill the pen with your own paint! After you paint a wall, fill a pen with some of the leftover paint and you'll be set for touch-ups for years.

Question: How do you get paint into the tip of the pen?

Answer: Simply twist the barrel of the paint pen to advance the ratchet. This pushes the paint forward and into the tip of the brush. You can then cover blemishes on the wall as if you were drawing on a piece of paper with a marker. So easy!

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