Space Invaders Desktop Mini Arcade: Comes in a portable, arcade-style box.

Space Invaders Desktop Mini Arcade

Space Invaders in a portable, arcade-style box.

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When Space Invaders was first released in Japan in 1978, it caused a shortage of coins that was only abated when the yen supply was quadrupled. Dang, that's a popular video game. Now, you can have an arcade-style version that's a little easier to move around than a 350 lb stand-up arcade console.

Featuring an arcade-style joystick, authentic arcade sounds and graphics as well as a boss key (mute button) and a pause button, the Space Invaders Desktop Arcade is the best addition to your desk since you taped up that really funny Dilbert on your computer monitor.

Features & specs

  • 6.5" wide x 8" deep x 8" tall
  • Requires 4 C batteries (not included)
  • Bright LCD display
  • Authentic arcade sounds and music
  • Mute and pause buttons

Yes, this is a really cool product.

In case you weren't sure or you prefer to get someone else's opinion before you make up your mind, yes, the Space Invaders Desktop Arcade is really awesome. In fact, it's on par with the Frogger Desktop Arcade (been awhile since we threw in a cross-promo, eh?).

Space Invaders Desktop Arcade
Your portable Space Invaders Desktop Arcade features authentic arcade sounds as well as an arcade-style joystick.

If you were to make a pro-con list to try to decide whether or not you should buy the Space Invaders mini arcade, it would probably look something like this:

Pro Con
Requires two hands to play (which means your wife can't ask you to do anything because you haven't got a free hand).
Boss key. The mute button is only 1.375 inches away from the fire button. So, you'll be able to shut down the offending sounds within moments of hearing the boss.
is the best
Auto-off feature to save batteries. Hey, this thing doesn't run on bottled awesome. Of course, if it did, you could just pour in some of Lance Armstrong's sweat.
Super-bright display so that you don't ever have to leave your parent's basement. Hmm, that might actually be a "con". Unless you're 13 in which case you could be preparing for a lucrative career in electronics. Pro it is!

Put a Space Invaders arcade in the palm of your hands.

Sometimes there's something great about a device that does just one thing and does that one thing really well. I don't need a combination oven / toaster / dishwasher / cellphone-shredder. My cellphone-shredder is working out just fine, thank you. The point being that there's something so cool about a miniature arcade version of Space Invaders that would have been lost if the game was also a three hole punch.

Space Invaders on your desk
Space Invaders Arcade in the palm of your hands.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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