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Sriracha Gumballs

Candy flavored like the popular hot sauce.

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Heat up your palate while satisfying your sweet tooth. Sriracha Gumballs recreate the sweet and spicy flavor that’s earned the divine condiment a devoted following (shout out to my fellow Sriracha disciples out there).

Pop in one of the six gumballs to get hit with a blast of spice that gives way to a pleasant sweetness. The two flavors then intermingle on your tongue buds as you chew the gum. The heat isn’t serious enough to burn, but it’ll surprise the uninitiated and give the Sriracha faithful their fiery fix.

Includes 6 gumballs per package.

Features & specs

  • Sweet and spicy gumballs
  • Six gumballs per pack
  • Net wt. 1.37 oz (39 g)

Condiment confection

It’s official: you can now add “gum” to the seemingly infinite list of foods improved by a dose of Sriracha.

Sriracha Gumballs faithfully recreate the tasty balance between heat and sweet that’s made the famous chili sauce a new staple at restaurants and kitchen tables. While we don’t recommend putting these gumballs on your noodles, they’re a nice treat for those who like a little fire in their mouth.

Real sriracha flavor
It’s got everything but the rooster on the package.

Searing sweetness

Each pack of Sriracha Gumballs includes six pieces of Sriracha-inspired candy. While they’re not likely going to make you beg for mercy (like some other candies), the kick is enough to knock your taste buds back a little.

Even if you’ve never had the pleasure of sampling Sriracha sauce, any fan of interesting hot flavors will almost certainly enjoy Sriracha Gumballs.

Six Sriracha Gumballs per pack
Sriracha is the spice of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are these super spicy?

Answer: Sriracha Gumballs are more about the flavor than the intense heat. Much like with Sriracha sauce, people unaccustomed to heat will find them hot while people who like spicy food will rate them on the milder side.

Question: Is it spicy the entire time you chew the gum?

Answer: Like with any gumball, the flavor eventually fades as you chew.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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