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Strawberry Donut Pool Float

Relax on the water in an inner tube that looks like a donut.

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Take a guilt-free dip in the pool with the Strawberry Donut Pool Float. The ring-shaped Strawberry Donut Float is decorated to look like a Homer Simpson-esque D’oh-nut. The strawberry doughnut looks so good that it already has a bite taken out of it!

Pink frosting and sprinkles make this inner tube a delicious addition to your next pool party, lazy river float trip, or dip in the ocean.

Features & specs

  • Approximate dimensions: 48” diameter (122cm)
  • Material: vinyl
  • Includes patch kit

Donut even try a pool party without it!

We think the Donut Pool float is deliciously fun. In fact, we originally used it for a prop in one of our videos before deciding to offer it to you. If we had that much fun with it on land, just think about how much you’d enjoy frolicking in the pool with it!

A girl floats with the Donut Raft in the pool.
Regardless of how long you dunk it, the Donut Float never gets soggy!

Question: Can I use the Donut Raft on a float trip? At the beach? In the snow?

Answer: We think the Donut Raft can add fun to these and tons more situations. But keep in mind that the vinyl of the Donut Raft was designed to float on water, so try to avoid sharp rocks. You don't want a puncture!

Question: How long does it take to inflate?

Answer: It takes about the same amount of time to inflate this as it does for any other pool raft. Anyone with reasonable lung capacity should be able to do it in a couple of minutes, but if you want to speed up the process, you can always use a pump.

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