Magnetic Student Driver Signs (3-pack)

Increase safety and reduce stress while learning how to drive.

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Now you and your student can benefit from the advantage enjoyed by professional driving schools. Our magnetic "Student Driver" signs alert other drivers that your vehicle is being driven by a new driver.

You'll be amazed at the difference these signs make in the attitude of the driver, teacher and other motorists.

Features & specs

  • 2 door-panel magnets and 1 rear magnet
  • Red text on white background increases visibility
  • Reduces stress
  • Real vinyl magnets (not stickers)
  • Readable from over 100 feet away
  • Letters are 2" tall on rear magnet; 2.625" tall on door magnets

Watch our Magnetic Student Driver Signs video

Drivers are more considerate to cars with "Student Driver" signs

A recent survey showed that 99% of all drivers on the road would be more courteous to cars exhibiting a sign that indicated that the driver was a student.

Rear panel magnetic student driver sign
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Side panel magnetic student driver sign

Magnetic "Student Driver" signs are a simple and effective way to drive safely and reduce stress.

Your Student Driver Sign Kit includes 3 magnets:

  • 2 door panel "student driver" magnets: 11" x 6.5"
  • 1 rear panel "student driver" magnet: 11" x 4.5"

If you're looking for student driver signs or student driver magnets, you've come to the right place. These student driver signs are real magnets, not stickers. The lettering is silk-screened onto the same professional grade magnets that are used to print magnetic advertising car signs.

Eliminate the stress of driving with your new driver.

  • Student driver magnets put both the teacher AND the student at ease.
  • With student driver signs, other vehicles behave more sensibly, reducing the likelihood of an accident.
  • Student driver magnets are easy to take on and off.
  • Unlike some solutions, these magnetic student driver signs won't damage your car.
  • Vat19's student driver signs are printed in easy-to-read red and white block text.
  • This 3-piece set of student driver magnets lets you warn drivers as they approach from any traffic angle.

"Student Driver" signs are simple and direct to ensure instant recognition.

The purpose of the "Student Driver" sign is to increase following distance and courtesy from nearby motorists. Our magnetic "Student Driver" signs are immediately recognizable and do not distract nearby motorists from the road.

Professional driving instructors use "Student Driver" signs because they work. It alleviates the frustration that other drivers may feel towards the actions of a new driver. These magnets will make your teen feel more at ease while driving and will reduce your level of nervousness while your teen is gaining experience.

When a teenager first receives their learner’s permit, it can be upsetting and distracting when other drivers become annoyed and beep their horns when the teen hesitates at intersections or drives slowly.

With “STUDENT DRIVER” signs on the car, other drivers recognize that there is a student driver operating the vehicle. Other drivers will become much more cautious and patient.

Each Magnetic Student Driver Sign kit includes 3 student driver magnets

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