Recycled Suit Totes: Bags made from reclaimed men's suit coats.

Recycled Suit Tote Bags

Fashionable bags made from reclaimed men's suit coats.

Dark Blue
This item has been discontinued.
Dark Gray
This item has been discontinued.


We'll admit that it's fun to buy an old suit jacket from Goodwill for a tacky 80s party. It turns out, however, that there is a better way to recycle vintage suits: turn them into tote bags!

Each Suit Tote Bag is made almost entirely from a single reclaimed vintage suit coat. The sleeves, pockets, lining and even the buttons are transformed into a new, useful accessory. The bag features a magnetic clasp and is available in dark blue and dark gray. Exact fabric will vary slightly from pictured. Hand made in the USA.

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Features & specs

  • Dimensions (bag): 18" x 12"
  • Dimensions (shoulder strap): 8" drop
  • Material: reclaimed Men's suit jacket
  • Magnetic clasp
  • Made in the USA

Tote bags made from reclaimed vintage suit coats

You may be thinking, "Oh no, they're cutting up cheesy leisure suits and pawning them off as 'designer bags'." That, of course, would be wrong. These vintage bags feature simple, classic fabrics and patterns completely devoid of wide striping, quarter-inch-thick polyester, chenille, velour, or crushed velvet.

Each Recycled Suit Tote Bag is hand made in America from a single suit jacket. The pockets, sleeves, buttons, and lining are all used to fashion a durable and unique accessory. 

Tote bags made from reclaimed men's suit coats.
Recycled Suit Tote Bags are made from vintage reclaimed suit jackets.

Suit sleeves, pockets, buttons re-engineered into a tote bag

Check out the photo below to see which areas of the suit jacket are used to create your Recycled Suit Tote Bag. Yes, it's a little like one of those diagrams that show you where each cut of beef comes from a cow. 

As you can see, both front pockets become pockets on the outside of your tote. The right sleeve becomes another pocket on the outside of the bag. The left sleeve will be reinforced to create shoulder straps.

Finally, the interior of the jacket will be used to create the lining of the bag. Because the inside of most suit jackets feature a pocket, your tote bag will also have an interior pocket most likely adorned with the label of the suit designer.

The entire tote bag is made from one old suit jacket.
Many areas of the suit jacket are used to create these unique tote bags.

Convenient magnetic clasp closure

OK, so everything on the Recycled Suit Tote Bag isn't made from an old suit jacket. The magnetic closure is an "after market" add-on, but clearly worth it.

Each Suit Tote Bag is features a magnetic closure.
Each Recycled Suit Tote Bag features a magnetic clasp.

Suit lining used to create interior pocket

The lining of the suit jacket is used to create the interior of your Recycled Suit Tote Bag. The pocket is kept intact which means you're in for a little surprise as the suit designer's label is usually found here. 

In addition to outside pockets, each Suit Tote features at least one interior pocket.
The interior lining of the jacket is used for the interior of the tote bag.

Choose from two styles

The Recycled Suit Tote is currently available in two styles: dark gray and dark blue. Obviously, because each suit jacket is different, so is every Suit Tote Bag. However, the size, shape, and color will match as closely as possible to what you see in our pictures.

Dark gray Recycled Suit ToteDark blue Recycled Suit Tote

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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